A Flying Monkey by Any Other Name

To come to terms with evil in one's parentage is perhaps the most difficult and painful psychological task a human being can be called on to face. Most fail and so remain its victims. Those who fully succeed in developing the necessary searing vision  are those who are able to name it. -M. Scott Peck… Continue reading A Flying Monkey by Any Other Name

Hope, Resilience

Hope for the Holidays

My story bears too much heartache to be ignored and too much beauty to be hidden. It is the same with your life. -Dan Allender The last yellow, heart shaped leaves are tenaciously clinging to the tree just outside my dining room window. Such a silent event sends an ominous message—a reminder that life in… Continue reading Hope for the Holidays


How to Plan a Narcissist Free Holiday

Beth wants the impossible. She wants a nice family dinner with sharks. No, I’m not talking about a shark diving expedition, I'm referring to the feeding frenzy of triangulation and gossip that surrounds every family gathering in her family of origin. Last year's dinner was ruined by the narcissist grilling her about her engagement to… Continue reading How to Plan a Narcissist Free Holiday


Walking Away from Narcissism

May those that love us, love us. And those that don't love us, May God turn their hearts, If He can't turn their hearts, May he turn their ankles So we'll know them by their limping. -An Old Irish Curse Many of us started on this journey of understanding narcissism when we noticed something wrong… Continue reading Walking Away from Narcissism

Community, Resistance

Remember Who We Are

Indigo skies against red and gold leaves brightly dressed children in new coats waiting for a yellow bus crisp apples and butternut squash warm sweaters and cozy fires. This is what September used to mean. Then one day the gray billowed into the sky and drifted across our landscape changing it forever. We said we… Continue reading Remember Who We Are

Religious Narcia

The Nashville Statement and Narcissism

The Christian Right just rolled out a document called the Nashville Statement which includes fourteen articles of affirmation and denial that refer to human sexuality. The people who signed it are far right evangelicals which include John Piper and Wayne Grudem whose names are familiar to me because they are proponents of the false doctrine… Continue reading The Nashville Statement and Narcissism

Women's Rights

Is God a Feminist?

On August 26. in the year 1920,  the American constitution was ratified and it was confirmed that women had won the right to vote in the United States of America. It hasn't even been one hundred years. Maybe that's why there is so much confusion over the word feminist. All I know is the case… Continue reading Is God a Feminist?


How to Avoid the Narcissist’s Triangulation Game

Lindsey was tired of her three sisters knocking on her door to tell her what her mother was saying about her new husband. She knew her narc mom didn’t like him because he stood up for her and taught her how to use her boundaries, but she was unprepared for how it affected her relationships… Continue reading How to Avoid the Narcissist’s Triangulation Game

Community, Non-Violence

Ten Ways to Talk About the Things That Matter

If this title seems unnerving, don’t worry, no one can do all ten at once. We don’t have to change the whole world—the idea is to spread some kindness in our own little corner of the world, but first let me tell a story about why I choose to fight for the equality of all… Continue reading Ten Ways to Talk About the Things That Matter


Let’s NOT Make America Hate Again

If you’ve not yet awakened to the fact that the United States has changed in the last few months, it’s gonna be an even ruder awakening in time. It saddens me and many to see threats to the things we love about America from PBS and our National Park Lands, to censoring the media and… Continue reading Let’s NOT Make America Hate Again