Other Ways of Speaking

There are other ways of speaking.
Two-year-olds throw tantrums, teenagers rebel,
Husbands yell and wives ignore.
Nations press sanctions, gangs kill,
Those in power oppress while the pious shun.
But God’s ways are not our ways.


©Rolf Jansson/Licensed from

God has tried many ways of speaking–
First through nature
with the smell of jasmine,
The sparkle of stars,
The music of dolphins
and the taste of mango.
God wrapped His voice with blue skies
And tied the ends with the ribbons
of sunrise and sunset.
But we couldn’t always hear His voice
and sometimes we ignored Him.

When His first children
entertained His enemy’s lies,
People stopped responding
to God’s audible voice,
So He regained our attention
with a flood and plagues,
But it was never God’s desire
to speak in a hurtful way.

When His children openly refused to listen,
He spoke through fire and thunder
and many prophets
And sometimes, He threatened to disown them.
“How can I give you up?” God cried.

When His people over-rode His voice
And pretended to know Him
by adding our own rules,
God came to our neighborhood.
to knock down our doors
by speaking through a baby’s cry,
a toddler’s giggle
And a young man’s resolve
to do the work of His Father.

Even when He brought lunch for thousands
And healed whole towns from sin and pain
We still struggled to hear His heart.
So He rolled up His sleeves and went to work.

Making wine,
breaking bread and washing feet.
Praying alone, replacing ears
and silently turning the other cheek.
And just in case we failed to listen when He said,
“The Father Himself loves you,”
He, who represents
the exact likeness of the Father,
Stretched out His arms to die,
so His sheep could hear His voice.

Long ago God spoke many times
and in many ways
to our ancestors through the prophets.

And now in these final days,
he has spoken to us through his Son.

God promised everything
to the Son as an inheritance,

and through the Son
he created the universe.

The Son radiates God’s own glory
and expresses the very character of God,

and he sustains everything
by the mighty power of his command.
-Hebrews 1:1-3

God is still speaking today.
He does this mainly through the life of Jesus
along with the rest of Bible,
but He has most recently spoken to me
through my husband’s love, a book from a friend,
a crashed computer and my sister’s voice.

How is God speaking to you?

What do you think?

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