Components of Spiritual Abuse

I recently discovered the following components of Spiritual Abuse. I am unsure of who the author is, but they sound familiar.

1. Spiritual abuse is the violation of our trust placed in God by someone who betrays that trust by using God’s name to gain entrance into our secret soul, destroying our experience of the goodness of God.

2. Spiritual abuse is the exploitation of our sacrificial love for God as a means of advancing organizational and institutional goals, leaving our spirits under-nourished and our lives over- burdened.

3. Spiritual abuse is the addictive power of legalistic theology that creates guilt in order to dispense grace, leaving us spiritual cripples bound to one another by the invisible cords of co- dependency.

4. Spiritual abuse is the silent cancer of secret gossip and malicious rumor that causes a feeding frenzy among the sharks submerged in the troubled waters of church conflicts. We are unaware of the damage until we stand up and attempt to walk out, and find we have no legs.

How would you counsel someone either victimized by or perpetrating such abuse?

What do you think?

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