Surviving the Wolves

There are wolves in the woods. We’ve known it since we were children. Every time we knelt down to pick the daisies or smell the roses we felt uneasy. We sensed we were far from home. On such days something within us begged to find our way back to the safety of the garden wall.


Little did we realize we had already lost our way–and so had our parents before us. So we began to claw and scream our way through life until the pain became so great we began to use and abuse and numb our senses.

This is what it means to Chase Eden–to try everything, hoping for something or someone to show us the way home so we can finally stop the pain.

The wolves made their marks on us while we were too young to protect ourselves. Sometimes they howled at us through human voices with put downs, accusations and yelling.

Other times we were startled by physical switches, belts and hands which brought the wolves out of the bushes.

The wolves did their worst when we came in for the night thinking we were safe–only to discover they were hiding in what we thought was our sanctuary.

Most of us know such wolves are real–living on in our imaginations and wrecking our hearts. Many of us still hide behind fashion, crowds, fat and wealth. We’ve learned to numb out on many things to escape the wolves.

If you too grew up with these wolves, you know it’s not easy to escape them. They were introduced into our lives before we knew what was happening, but those who introduced us were victims too. The wolves don’t care who they hurt–they mauled our parents before they got to us.

As grownups we’ve discovered some wolves have only grown bigger with time. They wear names like Abandonment, Loss, Inferiority, Rejection and Shame. They are legion and fear is their family name. There is only one way to escape them.

There is still beauty along the path, but some days we get so busy running out of fear we forget to smell the flowers. We carry empty baskets full of fear and it seems like we have no room for gratitude and peace.


But we weren’t designed to live in fear. The Bible repeats the words, “Fear not” over 365 times. This gives us a fearless thought for every day of the year and here is the crowning jewel of them all–

God is love…
There is no fear in love.
But perfect love drives out fear,
because fear has to do with punishment.
The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
1 John 4:17,18

Perhaps the wolves have ravaged your heart until you can’t even speak the name of God out loud. Do you think God is like your parents who withheld love and affection from you? Or so called Christians who in the name of God judge you and treat you like you are never good enough?

If you have been beaten and abused in the name of “love,” you might find it hard to speak the word “Father” without feeling like your mouth is full of wool. You might imagine God is like these people who hang out with the wolves, but God’s essence is Perfect Love and no human has ever come close to perfect love–not even Mother Teresa.

The wolves hang around abusive people, but they flee in the presence of Perfect Love because they know they will never win if we run to Love for shelter. Even if you can’t stand God, all you have to do is call out for Perfect Love–because He is calling out your name.


Love never abandons us.
Love always provides for us.
Love makes us whole.
Love will never leave us or reject us.
Love erases all of our shame.

Love says—

“Look, I’ve tattooed your name
on my arms so your stress
is always in front of me.”

“Even if your mother neglects you
and forgets you–
I will never forget you.”

Love promises–

“My love is everlasting
and burns like a fire
that can never be put out.
Allow me to shelter you.”

Yes, it might seem like a fairy tale to expect Love to rescue us, but for now all you need to know is that Love cares for you and wants to shelter you from the wolves. You might not realize it yet, but Perfect love is a real Person and He is getting ready to cast out your fear–but only if you allow Him.

What do you think?

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