Free God and Your Brain Seminar

What do you believe about God? How does that belief affect your life choices?

Sometimes people ask how I know so much about God and people. I am not a counselor, nor a teacher, but I use every resource I can to understand God and other people. One of my favorite resources is the work of Christian Psychiatrist Tim Jennings. After listening to his study group for seven years, my husband and I have learned a lot about having a better marriage and how to stand up to dysfunctional family members, but most important we learned there is no reason to be afraid of God–because God is exactly like Jesus.


Here is an amazing seminar by Dr. Jennings that explains how our understanding of God is affected by what we believe about God. This understanding has changed my life and I am thrilled to share it with anyone who will listen. You can watch it for free and decide for yourself.