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Pocket Full of Sunshine

Some of my friends were talking about how to move on. They would like to forget the past but it never seems to leave them. If you have never been in this situation, it might be hard to understand how we need to both review our past and move on from it.

For those who would like a better picture of the pain of an ACON* or person raised in a highly dysfunctional family, here is a great poem For Children Who Were Broken that pretty much says it all.

I love the song Pocket Full of Sunshine and I have made several references to it on my blogs because it seems to embody the feeling of freedom from oppression. It’s hard to remember the sad stuff, but it’s also healing when we can reframe things and move on.



There are many ways to move on from the past. This is not to forget the past but to heal from it fully knowing what happened and choosing to take an action that is healing. (I am not a counselor, but if you are having trouble with this I recommend you find someone to help you figure out how to experience more joy in your life.)

For me, healing the past requires enjoying the present. From time to time I will add something to this series about experiencing joy. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Please feel free to share in the comment below about things you do to heal and experience wholeness in your life.


      • Getting out of your comfort zone
      • Enjoying some beautiful music
      • Go for a walk in the sunshine
      • Go to a play or concert
      • Visit and art gallery
      • Go out with a friend for a heart to heart talk
      • Join a team or take a class
      • Fill your life with healthy people
      • Bake and share it with someone
      • Make art–remember it is a process not an object
      • Do a random act of kindness
      • Make a gratitude list

Even if you are knee deep in remembering the past, it is healthy to remember where you are right now today. The wolves can’t haunt you anymore and the belt can’t reach you, so turn up the music and enjoy life. You have a pocket full of sunshine, don’t be afraid to use it.

*ACON-Adult Children of Narcissists

Making Beautiful Things