Not the Critic Who Counts

After a four month hiatus, I’ve opened my blog up. I’m still working on some projects–both writing and art, but I missed sharing with my friends.

During my time off, I had time to think about those who criticize others. Many people who grew up in dysfunctional families have been criticized all their lives to the point they feel they can do nothing right. When that’s the case, we need to realize critics are insecure people who are so full of fear, they need to tear down someone else. On this topic, Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly has been very helpful and inspired some of my art. I thought I’d share with you.



While I was gone, I was published in a couple places. My most recent project has been publishing the delightful love letters of my great grandparents which were lying in a trunk for a century. It is available in both paperback and kindle. You can check out Love letters 1909 here. Enjoy the read!

Keep good boundaries and live in peace,


Until next time,