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Mourning Has Broken

Many of my ACON* friends and readers have been in mourning. The holidays are a time of pain and stress. They are torn between unsafe family gatherings or feeling like an orphan. That’s because the two main tools of dysfunctional parents are control and abandonment. Many oscillate between both in an attempt to control their adult children.

Many ACONs and adults from dysfunctional families will not be celebrating Easter today because they want nothing to do with God. This is because their parents misrepresented God when they were children.

If you experienced parents who took more than they gave, it’s difficult to trust in a Father who provides. If you have been beaten and ridiculed, it’s hard to imagine a Parent who cherishes you and would never lay a hand on you. If you have been neglected, it’s nearly impossible to believe God plans good things for your life.


Everything you have gone through, Jesus has endured. He who made us in His own image, took on our decaying image. He was used by people who wanted miracles and bread, He was spit on by the very creatures He formed from dirt and spit. He who made wonderful plans for His children, endured ridicule and beatings and allowed Himself to be hung in humility against the sky.

Like those who have suffered at the plans of vindictive parents, Jesus has borne our pain. He is fully aware of the sinister plans to take away the voices He has given us. The Word who spoke us into existence, was killed to silence his voice, but he triumphed and rose again so we could find our voices.

For everyone who has been lied about, used and abused, for every child who has been beaten and lost their voice and sometimes their life–Jesus overcame evil for all of us.

Since God is for us, who can be against us?  Jesus has risen to restore us to our original position as God’s children! We have been given a new life now. Our Father in heaven has claimed us. ACONS no more–we are children of a loving Father! The mourning has broken!

Mourning has broken like the first morning
Bringing a new life and a new way.
He is the Sonlight, He is the morning
We are His children adopted today.


*ACON Adult Children of Narcissists