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Art 101 Week Three

So this is my post for week three of the Art 101 challenge. I am reminded of my Art History teacher who told us that not even the masters had a bell ringer every time they painted and painting is process and you never know what will transpire so we are on a hunt when we paint.

I told some of you I was going to try something new this week, but I consulted with some friends and discovered my project will end up being twice as long. So I want to do that project properly so I will have to surprised you before the 101 days are over. Can you believe we are already a quarter of the way through?

I love memes and I tried my hand at making a couple with mixed results. I found if you are going to use letters it’s very important to measure out the length of the word before you start otherwise you might find yourself scrambling to find letters that fit. I have several sizes and none seemed perfect, but oh well here are the memes.

Day 15–Healthy-WM

Day 16–


Day 17– I guess I got out of control with the sunflowers, but I was not really thrilled with this one. Ha! Glad I got that one out of my system–just one less ugly painting for the future!


For day 18– I revisited a favorite theme of survivor girl art



Despite all the crazy things I’ve tried, I’m glad I am doing this challenge because I might never have done my series of seven Little Red Survivor Wisdom Art. So here are the final three. Although I am not saying I’ll never revisit this idea in the future.






That was week three! Thanks for stopping by! For those in this Art 101 Challenge remember you don’t have to do them all each day if this week is rough, give yourself a break and catch up when you are inspired even if it is later.

One thing I am trying to keep in mind is what one of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts tells us in her online class–“Pick colors and paper and topics–whatever delights you.” That’s why she calls it unleashing your joy. Whenever we do art, let’s unleash our joy!

What do you think?

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