New Healing Flowers in Etsy Shop

Hi Friends,

It’s been a beautiful autumn here in Southern Oregon. The leaves went out in a blaze of glory, but now most have fallen from the trees. In Oregon, you can get a tree permit for five bucks–which is one of the best deals around. We went tree hunting yesterday because we wanted to get up to the high country before the snows come. There is nothing like bringing the wonderful scent of fir into the house.

I hope your holiday season is starting out peacefully and without much stress. My husband and I are practicing simple abundance this year. We like to shop on Etsy to pick up some unique gifts without fighting the crowds, which gives us more time to enjoy the season with each other and friends. This latest series in my Etsy store is all about healing flowers. I designed each piece with the colors of summer as a reminded to take care of ourselves through the dark winter days.

Whether we give to a friend or keep for our own inspirations, I think the gifts that speak to us all year are the best, don’t you? Through December 7th, all original art is 25% off. Here are a few close ups.

Have a peace-filled season wherever you shop!









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