Religious Narcia

Religious Narcia 7 – The Release

Releasing is how we choose to handle all the stuff the narcissist has dumped on us. We are responsible for how we choose to carry this load. The load is overwhelming and could break us down so we release it back to the universe and give it to Jesus so we can walk upright and free.

We release our expectations and dreams of having a good relationship with someone who sees us and our resources as a commodity to use.

We release the expectations put on us to meet the Narcissist’s needs, fully realizing others may never understand why we must do what we do.

Where you didn’t choose to walk through a wardrobe, but found yourself thrown into the darkness by a narcissistic Christian.

We release the petty rules we grew up with or put up with in our efforts to please someone who asked us to play a game we could never win.

We release the lies told to us and about us and embrace the truth, knowing that Jesus is the Truth and always on the side of the truth.

We release the Flying Monkeys and all they say because we realize at any moment they too, could become a source for narcissistic feed. We also release the need to save or correct them.

We release the caricature of God fed to us in this gospel of abuse called Religious Narcia and we seek to know and understand the healing truth about God as manifested in Jesus.

We release the past and all who were part of it as we look forward to and choose healthier horizons.

We release negativity and all the painful parts of our stories so we can embrace gratitude and find joy in the moment.

Most of all we release our hearts to love again and be brave enough to find honest friends and family to build a circle of community with healthy thinking and living.

What do you think?

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