Everything Shapes Us

Some people disagree with the saying, “What happens in childhood never stays in childhood.” They want us to forget about the past and move on, but what they don’t realize is we are affected by the past every day. It affects how we eat, sleep and do business. It grooms our relationships and influences our careers. The past determines how we pray to God or if we even pray at all. We carry it with us every day.

 I am all the ages I have ever been.
-Anne Lamott

Peach Rose, Everything Shapes Us Meme
Peach Rose, Everything Shapes Us Meme


If we’ve had years of negative shaping, it might take some time to turn things around, but don’t let the past get you down. We are no longer victims, we get to decide what will shape us this year.

The natural law of sowing and reaping gives us the power of incremental change. It’s not a myth, it’s a given–just like gravity brings us back to earth and the flowers bloom in the spring, we all reap exactly what we sow. This not only comes true in the garden, but in our relationships and all other pursuits.

Everything we eat, every move we make, every song we listen to is shaping us—either in positive or negative ways. The people we hang out with or even keep on our newsfeed have a part in shaping us, so it’s important to make sure they are in alignment with what matters to us. Want a better spiritual life? Invest where it matters. Now is the time to dream and shape how you will be feeling a year from now.

If we want to make more art, we can sow a little paint on canvas. If we want to make more music, we can plant a few notes before we go to bed. God created natural laws to reward our behavior. The past is never completely in the past, but the good news is everything shapes us and we get to start over today.

As long as you’re breathing,
it’s never too late to do some good.
-Maya Angelou

We can never forget the past, hopefully we can learn our lessons from it.

Woman who SURVIVED Auschwitz because Nazis ran out of gas turns 101

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