Valentine’s Flash Sale–10% Through the 10th

Hey ACON Friends,

I’ve been working hard on some products just for you! I’ve made art that speaks to my soul because it’s hard to find good Narc ammunition.

So if you are looking for a novel gift for your self or the special survivors in your life, if you act soon you might still get something delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever just wanted a Flying Monkey Pillow
to set on the sofa as a reminder
for the Monkeys who visit your house?
Me too.

Flying Monkeys Green PillowOr perhaps you need a No Contact Travel Mug
for that extra pick me up to remember
how you are footloose and fancy-free!
no contact Mug

Have you ever gone on a trip with narc
and wished you had a Trust Your Gut Tote
so you could’ve remembered to stick with your first impressions?
Oy! Me too!

Trust Your Gut ToteOr perhaps you, like most of us ACONS,
just need permission to Speak the Truth–
even when your voice shakes.

Speak the Truth PillowLet’s honor the words of Maya Angelou:

My mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion,
some compassion,
some humor, and some style.

Shine Flower Tote

You can find all of these and more at 10% off through the tenth
at Little Red Survivor Art on Etsy.


What do you think?

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