Jake and the Game He Could Never Win

Jake fell in love with Chelle, but in order to win her hand in marriage he needed her father’s approval, so Jake ended up working for his future father in law for seven years to close the deal. He got married at night so it was morning before he realized he married Chelle’s sister because his father in law had secretly traded in the sister to keep with the tradition of the oldest sister marrying first. That sucked, but Jake was still in love with Chelle, so he worked for the narc for seven more years to marry her.

A Game She Could Never Win,
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After fourteen years of working, Jake had enough and wanted to move his family far away so they could go no contact, but it’s never that easy. His wages were all tied up in the family business which was ranching. His narc-in-law said he could have all the spotted animals because well, there were not as many of them.

Lo and behold that spring Jake’s barns were full and overflowing. And by now you know the pattern of the narcissist. Of course he didn’t want Jake to move because he was relying on Jake for narcissistic feed. Bottom line: he would rather use Jake than let him go. So his narc-in-law took off with all the spotted sheep and goats and hid them. But guess what? Jake’s fields were soon full of spotted goats and sheep. Of course as soon as the narc realized this he changed the rules so the wages were unblemished stock. And once again God bless Jake and his flocks grew without any marks on them.

One day a flying monkey came to tell Jake that the narc was unhappy with him. Jake had noticed the attitude, so he called his wives to meet him where they could talk in private.  He told them how their father kept changing the rules and taking his wages, but God had intervened. The sisters said, “Has he treated us any better? Let’s go.” Obviously they knew their dad was a narc.

After a lot of drama and chaos, Jake and his family finally left the family business after twenty years. Of course it wasn’t that easy, as they tried to leave his narc-in-law chased after them—partially because he felt God was blessing him through Jake. Total narc feed situation—if you are not appalled, then you aren’t paying attention, apparently this narc thought he could mess with Jake and his daughter’s lives and happiness and use them ‘til kingdom come.

Jake’s father in law was asking him to play a game he could never win, but God blessed him anyway. Perhaps a narcissist is asking you to play a game you can never win. If so, never underestimate the power of God to set things right.

He holds success in store for the upright,
He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,
For he guards the course of the just
And protects the way of his faithful ones.
-Proverbs 2:7-8

This story is found in Genesis 29-31
and it might just be one
of the oldest narc stories ever.
I highly recommend reading it in the Message Bible.

God Cares About Our Hearts

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