Dear Chris, Jesus is Coming to LOVE You–Not Hurt You!

Last night, in the middle of the night
a twelve-year-old boy couldn’t sleep
because he was afraid of Jesus coming.

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

He decided to search the internet and found an old blog I wrote about fear and Jesus coming, then he asked if I could please help him to not be afraid. I wasn’t planning to write a blog today, but I can’t go to bed and sleep in peace while I know a precious child of God is lying in fear tonight, so here is a blog I wrote just for you, Chris!

When I was around your age, my church had meetings and I remember the preacher pointing his finger at me and asking what if Jesus came tonight, would you be ready? My heart would stop beating for a minute as I tried to swallow my fear.

My father used to listen to the news and say Jesus is coming, we have to be ready. Every time this happened, I too would lay awake at night scared and begging God to save me.

The worst part was all the talk about times of trouble (which were like scary apocalyptic movies) and God’s judgment and how Jesus might even say He never knew me unless I could remember all my sins and asked for forgiveness and then never sin again.

You wanna know what all this stuff is? Fear and manipulation. All of these terms distort what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Sometimes grownups try to scare us into being good. So for a minute, let’s just set all these fears aside and think about what Jesus is really like.

If you were walking in Galilee in the first century, you might have heard about Jesus. Jesus was the guy who took time to lay His hands on little kids and bless them even when grow-ups thought it was a waste of time.

And if Jesus saw a bird with a broken wing, I bet He fixed it. Jesus put mud on a blind man’s eyes and healed him so he could see! Jesus told crippled people to get up and walk and they did! Jesus once walked to a dead girl’s house–a girl who was about your age and when Jesus touched her, she woke up! Then the first thing Jesus said to her mom was to give her something to eat.

Jesus healed and loved so many people, that one-day thousands of people came to listen to him tell stories all day. It was so good that no one remembered to eat. Can you imagine a man who tells good stories like that?

Then when the people were so hungry, Jesus asked if anyone had food and one boy still had his lunch because he forgot to eat it–that’s how interesting it was to hear Jesus tell stories!

So this kid had five rolls and two fish and he loved Jesus so much that he gave Him his lunch. He probably thought Jesus was hungry and would eat it himself, but nope! Jesus broke up that boy’s lunch and the Bible says Jesus’s friends had baskets and baskets of food! Enough to feed over five thousand people!

So what does all this have to do with Jesus coming? Jesus is the best friend you could ever have. He’s the guy who has your back when no one else cares. He’s the one who even if you die someday will wake you up and get you something good to eat.

Jesus is the one who planned on your talents and hair color even before you were born. Jesus creates beautiful places for you to explore. If you could be like that boy with the lunch and hang out with Jesus all day, you might have so much fun you might even forget your lunch too!

So what does this have to do with not being afraid? The secret to not being afraid is to know Jesus. Because if you know Jesus, you would know that when Jesus comes, He is going to call you by name–including even a secret name He has for you that no one else knows (Revelation 2:17).

When Jesus comes, He will make you healthy and strong enough to live forever and explore the universe with Him!

When Jesus comes, He will talk with you about every sad and hurtful thing that ever happened to you and help you understand what really happened.

When Jesus comes He will bring Angels and there is a special angel Jesus has for you that have watched over you and helped you and protected you every day of your life.

When Jesus comes, He will show you good friends and beautiful music and brighter colors than anything you’ve ever dreamed of before.

Jesus is coming to take you to another life where you can ride giraffes and elephants and sleep with snow leopards.

Jesus created every cool thing in nature on this earth and He has more things to show you than you can imagine.

People who are afraid of Jesus try to make other people afraid. I’m not afraid anymore–that’s why I can tell you the secret of not being afraid is to know Jesus.

The only reason you would ever be afraid of Jesus is if you don’t know Him. But if you want to be safe and know Him, you can read about him in the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. If you do this, you will see that there is no reason to be afraid of Jesus.

Even if you have done something wrong, you can still tell Jesus because His middle name is forgiveness and He doesn’t hold grudges. And if you are worried about hell, write back to me and I will show you from the Bible that no one is going to burn forever. People have misunderstood the Bible. God is love, not mean and revengeful.

Jesus says if you hear my voice follow me. And John the guy who knew Jesus personally for years, said we don’t have to be afraid if even the judgment if we know Jesus because Jesus’s perfect love will take away all of our fear (Read 1 John 4:18).

Well, Chris, I hope this helps you sleep better tonight. Talk to Jesus and ask Him to help you know Him so you can not be afraid. He won’t let you down. You can always write to me with more questions if you have them. But for tonight, just know that Jesus loves you more than you can imagine and he has good plans for you!


  1. I was so terrified as a child that I would have horrible nightmares. I was so afraid of God and of Jesus coming, and the time of trouble, and all of it that I now consider it child abuse. I have never gotten over those pictures in my mind of hell. Of people frying. I still cannot understand why people have to be saved by God FROM God.

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  2. Hi DC, I agree with you! God does not need to save us from God because Jesus says that he and the father are one and if we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father. Those are Jesus’s words, not mine. And if we know Jesus, we know He never burned anyone. As a matter of fact, one day James and John thought they would call down fire from heaven on someone and Jesus reprimanded them saying they didn’t know what spirit they were from. Pretty harsh words and making it clear that this is not God’s way of dealing with even bad people despite how the Bible has been misinterpreted. If God is truly love as the Bible says, then He cannot fry people and still be love. This is a huge cognitive dissonance for many people! May God heal your memories and reveal His love to you and all who are reading this! Have a good day!



  3. thank you so much now I know Jesus is coming to love me no hurt me thank you I just can’t stop I recommend this to any one that needs help to understanding Jesus.

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  4. I found this blog this evening…I think our lives have mirrored each other. This specific post brought back memories! I remember that “if you did, do you know, beyond so doubt…” fear. Oh how many times I went up to the front. Until we were in a new church (we moved churches frequently) and the sweet wife of the pastor talked to me about faith in a way I am thankful for to this day. Now, that did not take away the fear I had in September 1988, when someone wrote a book 88 reasons Jesus was coming back in 1988. That fear was brought on by the church group having a “last supper,” because Jesus was coming back that night. Many hugged goodbye, excited that they would see each other in glory before the next morning. I followed that fear up with getting married soon after (I was young and shortsighted and afraid).
    As I started down this path of “what is wrong???” that has led to this world of ACON,I finally had an epiphany. As I was driving a song came on the radio. As it was playing, I was ruminating on some instances from my teen years. Angry at thinking these thoughts, and wondering why they kept coming to the surface. Something in the song and those thoughts came together and in that instance, for the first time in my life, I understood God loved me. In those instances I was remembering, my prayers had been answered, Jesus was there in the people he sent to get me through some horrendous episodes. Sweet loving people that were a gift from God. We’re God’s love when parental love was just not there. Jesus did come to me, and all that fear had not been necessary.
    I know I am all over the place, but one more thing. Further back to when I was 8. Chapel on Sunday mornings had been teaching on asking Jesus into our heart. I remember deciding to go down to the altar. I said whatever prayer it was and leaving so happy and excited to tell my mom. I have no clear memory of her response that day. But I have a very clear memory of a day after that. My mom was cleaning, vacuuming and as I walked thru the living room, she got mad at me and started yelling at me for helping (I had not been asked to help, I was not disobeying either) she finished her yelling with “if you are a Christian, you would help me.” The next time we were at church and I was in chapel, I went back down and told the teacher I needed to be saved again because it had not worked.I don’t remember what she said exactly, but she was kind and it was explaining that I was saved. That story makes me smile – because I remember the joy I felt. I remember the desire to be child of God. And those two things were bigger than the inappropriate behavior of my mom.

    So after telling these stories I want to say, what you wrote to Chris, to everyone, above is beautiful. It is beautiful when we see Jesus has come for us! Thank you for this blog.mmm

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  5. Thank you Lailani for your story! I too, was driving down the road and heard a song–Jesus will still be there! by Point of Grace and at first I wondered how Jesus could still be there even if I didn’t have a prayer, but then the Spirit filled me with peace and I sensed God’s grace for the first time and it changed my life!

    May God continue to bless you and keep you in peace!



  6. Thank you for this!! We were made to watch the tribulation movies in junior church back in the late 80s. Those movies combined w/hearing so many heated discussions by relatives over where we are in the end times and what is to come made me soooo scared about Christ’s return. Through my unfolding healing process the past 2 years, I’m learning both of the religious rhetoric and of the person of Christ…both are vastly different things! I only wish someone had told me the things you did in your blog 30 years ago when I laid in bed so many nights scared of the end times and of God.

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  7. Hi Amy,

    Oh my goodness! You too?!! I wish someone had told me this 30 years age as well! I even wrote about this my memoir Chasing Eden!

    The good news doesn’t seem very good when we have to temper it with so much dread and fear!

    I love how Jesus never shamed anyone. He called out those who were hurting others, but he never tried to scare people into following God. His angry words were for the religious leaders who kept leading people astray and making them shameful and afraid.

    Have you ever read Jeremiah 23 about the shepherds who scatter the flocks? God says he will bring them back to safer pastures. I truly believe this will and is happening.

    I hope you are in a safe place now!

    Peace and freedom to you and yours!



  8. Thank you, Cherilyn! Just discovered your blog yesterday via Natalie’s email blast and so much of it resonates with me and can’t wait to check out your book! I just finished Shannon Thomas’ book, “Healing from Hidden Abuse” on Monday and it overlaps with your blog…it helps to hear everything again!

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  9. Thank you for saying hi! Love Shannon Thoma’s book! Also Natalie’s book is great too if you haven’t read it! My book is the story of my childhood–not R rated or anything, just a story about a girl who wanted to be loved.
    I am so glad I know whose I am and that I am loved unconditonally now! You are too!

    Peace and freedom!



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