Things We Never Discussed on Easter

My family never celebrated Easter. Well we hid some candy-filled eggs a few times, but we never talked about the deep grief this planet suffered while Jesus slept in the tomb.

We never discussed how Jesus humbly washed the feet of Judas as tenderly as he did Peter–or how both betrayed him and both could be forgiven, but one chose not to be.

We never discussed how Jesus suffered in Gethsemane because the thought of separating from the Father nearly killed him.

We never discussed how Jesus who had been a hero for healing people and providing food for thousands was shamed and shunned publicly.

We never discussed how when Jesus was captured, Peter chopped off some guy’s ear, but Jesus put it back with no scars.


We never discussed how Jesus was brought before the authorities and refused to fight because His kingdom is not of this world.

We never discussed how Jesus came to destroy the devil’s work and win us back to God. Or how the Father was in Jesus reconciling the world back to God and not the force that murdered Jesus.

We never discussed how Jesus hung in the darkness and cried out because he felt abandoned and yet the Father never turned his face away, but was veiled in darkness because Jesus suffered the results of sin. Or how he who was not a sinner became sin. Or how he came to show us how God treats his enemies.

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We never discussed how the world’s best Sabbath keepers speared Jesus–the Lord of the Sabbath, to make sure He was dead so they could go home and get ready for Sabbath.

We never discussed how Jesus conquered sin and death and set each of us free from sin and death.

We never discussed how the women loved Jesus so much that even when he was dead they risked being known as his friends to bring burial spices to his grave.

We never discussed how Mary mistook Jesus for the gardener until he called out her name.

We never discussed the wonder in her eyes when she recognized her teacher, Savior and friend and ran to tell the world that Jesus is alive!

We never discussed how Thomas doubted, but Jesus gave him proof. Or how Peter was forgiven and reinstated. Or how Jesus made breakfast for his disciples.

There is so much more we could have discussed, but we never talked about it because Easter was discounted as a pagan holiday so we ignored all of this–except for the candy.

4 Replies to “Things We Never Discussed on Easter”

  1. 40 years ago a Jewish patient of mine (former dental hygienist) when he found out that I was an Adventist said something to me. “Why do you observe Christmas, a date that is certainly false, and scorn Easter, a date that can be proven accurate due to Jewish calendars?” It forever changed my observance of Easter. Thanks for this well-written piece.

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  2. This is a very beautiful commentary on the life and person and purpose of Jesus.
    I have just celebrated what is called the Easter Tridium in my own church, meaning the three days of the Passion of Jesus which begins on Holy Thursday through to Easter Saturday. I feel this piece of writing has affirmed what I have just celebrated and has enhanced my meditations on the whole redemption story. Thanks Cherylin for this enriching piece of well informed writing. Caroline.

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  3. Hi Caroline,

    I am so glad you were blessed! There is so much good we can choose in any situation and if we look for Jesus, we can always find him!

    Peace and freedom to you!



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