Remember Who We Are

Indigo skies against red and gold leaves
brightly dressed children in new coats
waiting for a yellow bus
crisp apples and butternut squash
warm sweaters and cozy fires.

This is what September used to mean.
Then one day the gray billowed into the sky
and drifted across our landscape
changing it forever.
We said we would never forget.

We remember the terror and pain.
We wept then and we weep again.
But how much do we remember
the innocence of who we once were?
How much will we remember?

Our own vulnerability–
lies not only to masked men
and dark backpacks,
but to unsavory characters
trying to undo all
that was once good and fair and kind
within our borders

What if the enemy
now plays games with our minds?
How much do we remember?
How much will we allow
ourselves to remember?
Will we remember what once
made our land so free
shining like beacon for all to see?

What if we forget the principles
our nation was founded on?
What if we forget that offering
respite to the weary traveler
and hope to the stranger
is what made America great?

The heart of our nation still weeps
Lady Liberty fears for her life
nature groans under
the oppression of evil men
who think only of momentary gain
robbing nature,
robbing communities
robbing the future of peace…

Let us do whatever we can
to protect the future of this land
let us do it for the kids in new shoes
standing on the corner
backpacks with apples inside
in innocence with nothing to hide
waiting for the bus.
-Cherilyn Clough

This is my Father’s world,
Oh let me n’er forget
That though the wrong
seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet!
This is my Father’s world,
He shines in all that’s fair.
In the rustling grass,
I hear Him pass,
He speaks to me everywhere!
-Maltbie D. Babcock

All guests who present themselves
are to be welcomed like Christ.
-St. Benedict


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