How Male Headship Feeds Narcissism

Jim believes God ordained him as the male leader to control his family. He’s married to a woman who had children before they were together and it’s been a struggle for him to allow them to be themselves. He feels it’s his religious duty to police them. His efforts include locking the kitchen after bedtime in case the… Continue Reading →

Male Headship vs. The Headship of Jesus

If any man on this earth desires to claim true Christian headship, this is what it looks like. Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash Where equality exists, both men, and women should aim for the goal of serving like Christ. For those who grew up with the false doctrine of male headship, I have good news for… Continue Reading →

Male Headship and Adam’s Denial

The saying, “It’s a man’s world” is a sad reality. When one half of the human race is treated as less than and not worthy due to a missing chromosome, it gives an arbitrary picture of God.  Here are a few of the fallacies fundamentalist Christians and proponents of the false doctrine of male headship claim to… Continue Reading →

Where Did Male Headship Come From?

Male headship, polygamy, and slavery have something in common– they have Biblical models and they empower one man to use his power over others. One of the biggest arguments fundamentalist Christians use to support the false doctrine of male headship is the example of the patriarchs in the Bible, but they also practiced polygamy and slavery too. The… Continue Reading →

What is Male Headship?

When I asked women to share what their definition of male headship is, this was one of the best: “Male headship is patriarchy in a marriage or a society. It’s the idea that males should be given some ultimate advantage, priority, or responsibility in decision-making and leadership.” There are many variations of male headship which might… Continue Reading →

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