The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

If anyone ever tries to tell you Thanksgiving is all about the food, don't you dare believe them. It's been twenty years this month, but I’ll never forget my worst Thanksgiving dinner ever and the lessons learned. After living in another state for several years, my husband and I had moved back to the Northwest and... Continue Reading →

Journey From the Cave

Once upon a time, a girl grew up in the darkness. She had no clue how other people lived until one day she discovered the light. As she followed the light, she found herself outside of the cave where she had been raised. For the first time in her life, she caught a glimpse of what... Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Let the Narcissist Shut You Up

As soon as you start to tell the truth about what happened to you, it seems like the entire universe starts to work against you. But if you pay close attention, it’s not the universe; it’s the narcissist. It just seems like the universe because she keeps recruiting more and more flying monkeys to attack you. Remember... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let the Narcissist Accuse You of Living in the Past

Arianne has been accused of living in the past because she can’t reconcile with her family of origin. It all started when she began to remember why she has extreme anxiety and panic attacks. She had to face her past because there was a time when she was forced by her mother to ignore the... Continue Reading →

God as Our Mother

God is our true Mother. For everyone who misses having a mother and everyone who never had one, This is not some feminist propaganda—it’s a fact, God created women in Her image too. 1. Women Were Created in the Image of God So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God... Continue Reading →

If My Wounds Were Visible

For narcissistic abuse awareness, survivors have been asked to use the words, “If my wounds were visible…” to tell how our lives might have been different. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash When I was seven years old and all the letters had finally come together, I was reading my paper in church when my father... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Feed

Since she was a little girl, Hazel was taught give everything she had to others. If she didn't do this, she was called selfish and she felt ashamed to be selfish, so she gave everything away until she was broke in heart, broken in spirit and broke at the bank. What Hazel didn't realize was her narcissistic... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Good, Even When it’s Bad

Not gonna lie, Mother’s Day was hard. You see, I don’t hate my parents. They aren’t monsters, but they broke our bond when they lied about me. My parents haven’t treated me like a friend for most of a decade now. I wish it wasn’t true. I wish I could go visit them on every... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Mothers vs. Loving Mothers

It's hard to know what to do. Even when our mothers hurt us, many of us still love them, but sometimes it's not safe to hang out with them. The cutting remarks and putdowns of a narcissistic mother wouldn’t look very pretty on a card and yet, toxic mothers expect their children to make a pretty... Continue Reading →

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