God as Our Mother

God is our true Mother. For everyone who misses having a mother and everyone who never had one, This is not some feminist propaganda—it’s a fact, God created women in Her image too. 1. Women Were Created in the Image of God So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God... Continue Reading →

Ezer Rising: the Story of Woman

In the beginning, God created Man, but Man was not all that and even though God created Man with perfection, something was missing--Man wasn't whole. The Genesis poem says God looked at Adam and said, "It's not good for Man to be alone." So God put Man to sleep and took a rib out of him to form... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly–The Courage of the Roosevelts

Jeri grew up with a narcissist mother who put her down and told her she was stupid and ugly. She has now come to a place where her marriage has failed, her family seems to do nothing but criticize her and her health is of some concern. The other day, she explained how the prospect... Continue Reading →

Why Mary Dyer Deserves Her Own Google Doodle

This is a repost from a blog I wrote three years ago. Recent events show me that Mary's story will always be relevant until religious freedom is universal.  Mary Dyer willingly walked to the gallows and was hanged 357 years ago as the first woman martyr on American soil. She had waited her turn at the gallows before. She... Continue Reading →

God Calls Women

When God created Adam in all his perfection, God declared that Adam alone was not good And so God created a woman. God created both men and women in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), but there is something unique about women. When God created Eve, God called her an "ezer kenegdo" which has been... Continue Reading →

Male Headship vs. The Headship of Jesus

If any man on this earth desires to claim true Christian headship, this is what it looks like. Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash Where equality exists, both men, and women should aim for the goal of serving like Christ. For those who grew up with the false doctrine of male headship, I have good news for... Continue Reading →

Male Headship and the Exoneration of Eve/Ezer

Have you ever made a mistake, that no one wants to forget it? For thousands of years, people have been saying, “If only Mother Eve had not tasted that fruit, we would all be sitting in paradise right now.” Eve not only has the reputation for being the first to sin, but she has passed her shame down... Continue Reading →

Male Headship and Adam’s Denial

The saying, “It’s a man’s world” is a sad reality. When one half of the human race is treated as less than and not worthy due to a missing chromosome, it gives an arbitrary picture of God.  Here are a few of the fallacies fundamentalist Christians and proponents of the false doctrine of male headship claim to... Continue Reading →

Male Headship From a Young Girl’s Perspective

The first time my mom took me school shopping, she suggested I have a fashion show for Daddy. I twirled around in my new plaid dress until my eye caught the look of disappointment on my father's face When I turned to look at him, his eyes fell to the floor and he asked,  "Why are... Continue Reading →

Where Did Male Headship Come From?

Male headship, polygamy, and slavery have something in common– they have Biblical models and they empower one man to use his power over others. One of the biggest arguments fundamentalist Christians use to support the false doctrine of male headship is the example of the patriarchs in the Bible, but they also practiced polygamy and slavery too. The... Continue Reading →

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