A Flying Monkey by Any Other Name is Still a Frickin’ Flying Monkey

When one of my sisters informed me she’s not a “winged monkey,” I laughed. I told her I could tell she'd been talking about me because the only other person who’s ever used that term is my other sister.  The term flying monkey comes from the movie The Wizard of Oz. The reason my sisters were... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid the Narcissist’s Triangulation Game

Lindsey was tired of her three sisters knocking on her door to tell her what her mother was saying about her new husband. She knew her narc mom didn’t like him because he strengthened her own boundaries, but she was unprepared for how it affected her relationships with her sisters. One day she woke up... Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Narcissistic Hate-Mail

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a flying monkey or a narcissist, you’ve probably received some hate-mail, but just in case you haven’t, allow me to tell you what it's like so you can be prepared when it happens. It might start out with some of your least favorite things and a long list... Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Disable Flying Monkeys

I don’t know about you, but I love to go to the zoo and I could watch the monkeys for hours. Monkeys see and monkeys do. They love to imitate and respond to facial expressions. A few years ago, one of my nephews went to the zoo with us. It was a small zoo where... Continue Reading →

How to Talk to a Flying Monkey

Most of us are familiar with the Polish proverb, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” If only we could reverse these monkeys and send the flying monkeys back with a message to the narc. Can you imagine how much healthier our families would be? I know, it's a fantasy, but we all need a good... Continue Reading →

Flying Monkeys

After years of emotional abuse and verbal put downs, Ava finally found stood up to the narcissist and went no contact. She found more peace in her life, but then she started getting phone calls from her sister. Ava had always gotten along with her sister, but now her sister was checking up on her. At... Continue Reading →

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