Jaci told the truth, but the narcissist didn't like it. When she said she remembered the event and didn't agree with him, the narc said, "You must be mentally ill." Then he called in the flying monkeys and before long, Jaci began to doubt herself. The narcissist gaslights you because they don't want you to remind them... Continue Reading →

Lessons From Little Red Riding Hood

Skipping along the path of life, Little Red’s heart was full of joy as she whistled with the birds and inhaled the fragrance of the wildflowers on the way to her grandmother's house.  Her mother had warned her not to dally, but it was such a glorious day she couldn’t help but stop to pick... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Wolves

There are wolves in the woods. We've known it since we were children. Every time we knelt down to pick the berries or smell the roses we felt uneasy. We sensed we were far from home. On such days something within us begged to find our way back to the safety of the garden wall.... Continue Reading →

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