How to Survive Mourning the Living Dead

What would you do if I invited you to a funeral without a casket? You’d probably assume the dead had been cremated, right? But what if I told you they were still alive? You might even think of calling the police because you’re afraid I’m going to “off” somebody Godfather style. Of course, if you... Continue Reading →

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse with the Enneagram

When Mayla began to wake up to the narcissism in her family of origin,  she was excited to share with her siblings, but it backfired and they made her the scapegoat because no one else was awake. They weren’t ready to see it, so the more she shared, the more defensive they became in their protection... Continue Reading →

You Might Have Been Raised by a Narcissist

If you grew up with a parent who put their needs above yours, you might have been raised by a narcissist. If you were in charge of cleaning house for your parents, you might have been raised by a narcissist. If you've been lying to bill collectors since you were five, you might have been raised... Continue Reading →

Five Ingredients for a Narcissist-Free Relationship

Jessie grew up with a narcissistic father, then she found a man who acted a lot like her dad because that is what felt comfortable to her despite the abusive patterns. By the time she discovered what narcissism is, she was with husband number two and sick to her stomach to discover she had married... Continue Reading →

Narcissism 101

After feeling alone for decades and wondering what was wrong with her, Sarah began to hear story after story that sounded exactly like her own. She was blown away by the similarities and experiences of other people. This is because narcissism has a pattern that seems to repeat itself with blatant selfishness and zero empathy for others.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let the Narcissist Define You

One of the worst things a narcissist tries to do is label you. She/he might try to define you to yourself, your friends and family members. This is part of the gaslighting treatment and you must diligently refute these lies. When I was a young adult, I began to feel uncomfortable when the narcissist told me how... Continue Reading →

‘Twas the Night Before Freedom

'Twas the night before Freedom, when all through the house, siblings were arriving each bringing their spouse. Memos had been sent to the family with care in hopes Flying Monkeys would become more aware. The Golden child was gleeful, while others felt dread 'cause visions of inheritance spun in her head. The Scapegoat with coffee, sat... Continue Reading →

It’s Not You, It’s the Narc

When Allie met Josh, he told her she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met and Allie believed him. For the first time in her life she felt appreciated, but her joy didn't last very long. As an ACoN* growing up with a negligent Narc father who barely noticed her, she thought she'd finally... Continue Reading →

If You Give a Narc an Apology

If you give a Narc an apology, he'll want some groveling to go with it.  He’ll say you owe him and ask you to pick up the pieces for all the messes he’s made. When you refuse to pick up his messes, he will accuse you of things you've never done. You’ll try to set the record straight,... Continue Reading →

My Child, My Mirror

When many people hear the word narcissism, they think of the legend of Narcissus who was so vain he worshiped his image in a pond until he fell in and drowned. I once saw a cartoon of a father staring at his own reflection in a lake while his daughter kept calling out, "Daddy?!" The... Continue Reading →

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