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Just Say No to Bullies

The other day I heard from a young mother who told me about a bullying problem at a Christian school. Her child kept coming home hurt from a bully’s rude comments and hitting. She encouraged her child to stand tall in dignity, look the bully in the eye and ask, "Why are you hitting me?"… Continue reading Just Say No to Bullies


Don’t Shut Up, Your Voice Matters

Well Friends, I have been dumbfounded. I haven’t been sure what to write about lately because there is just so much sad news, I can hardly bear to write about it. When you grow up with oppression and live in fear of a belt and are refused an education, your hope turns to the government and church—people… Continue reading Don’t Shut Up, Your Voice Matters

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Why Spanking is Bad for YOU

This post was inspired by the way a neighbor treated his little girl this week.  Hey Struggling Parent, It doesn't matter what they did or didn’t do, this is about you. For whatever reason, your blood pressure is up, your blood is boiling and you want the release of making your child feel pain so they… Continue reading Why Spanking is Bad for YOU

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To Spank or Not to Spank?

One of the biggest reasons I struggle with my parents is because they still feel they have the right to tell me what to do–what kind of music to listen to, how to vote, how to spend my money and how to worship God. For the first twenty years of my life, their will was… Continue reading To Spank or Not to Spank?

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Peace Through the Storms

This world is full of storms--emotional storms, health storms, financial storms, political storms and violent storms. For most people on this earth, life is a constant struggle to survive. I've heard someone say faith is like a boat to help us ride out the storms, but when terrible things happen, sometimes it feels like our… Continue reading Peace Through the Storms


Speak The Truth–Even When Your Voice Shakes

I can still feel the tightness in my throat. It felt like my heart was in my throat choking out my words. Trembling because I knew if I spoke my truth, the “Persuader” would come out and my legs would pay the price. It seemed too much to ask to go to school. To have friends.… Continue reading Speak The Truth–Even When Your Voice Shakes


What Happens in Childhood, Never Stays in Childhood

Becoming brave is a lifelong process. When a child is beaten until they have bruises, it's hard to be brave. When you're a teenager and your parents ignore your social and emotional needs, it leaves bruises on your heart. Even as adults, we often suffer from the pain of our past because unless we have processed what… Continue reading What Happens in Childhood, Never Stays in Childhood

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Peace On Earth Every Day

Another shooting at another school. Yawn. So sad the evening news, but did you even notice? Well someone did because their child did not come home. Our hearts break to see this turn of events in our society. Since Sandy Hook there have been 74 school shootings across the nation. People keep saying "Guns don't kill people,… Continue reading Peace On Earth Every Day

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Little Red

Little Red. We've all heard about her, but we didn't recognize how much we had in common with her. Little Red is the symbol of all who were abused in the home and church in the name of love. Nothing is more sinister than believing we are loved and safe only to be ravaged by… Continue reading Little Red

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My Least Favorite Things

Here’s a little poem I wrote. Try to imagine Julie Andrews singing it. My Least Favorite Things People who punish as much as they're able, Gossip and whining and pride on the table, Gifts and affection all tied up with strings, These are a few my least favorite things. Family secrets and abject denial, Threatening… Continue reading My Least Favorite Things