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More Than a Cup of Kindness

All I know is that the rocking started before I even had a self and I lived through the feeling of it. I rocked until I left home. And I’m not talking about being a cool eighties, punk rocker, but more like an autistic child who rocks back and forth to shut the world out.… Continue reading More Than a Cup of Kindness

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Five Ways to Promote Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

There’s a story about a mother who always cut the loaf off at both ends every time she made it for dinner. Her daughter kept up the tradition and eventually her granddaughter did it too. Then one day the granddaughter asked her grandmother why she cut off the ends of the loaf. The grandmother laughed when… Continue reading Five Ways to Promote Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

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Why You Need to Talk with Your Younger Self

Have you ever met a stranger who reminds you of your Grandma? Or reminds you of a mean aunt who verbally abused you? When we react to other people and various stimuli, we are often reacting to our past experiences. These clues might seem like nothing at first, but consider how the triggers of the past influence the… Continue reading Why You Need to Talk with Your Younger Self

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Restoration from Narcissistic Abuse

When I was eleven, I had a tabby cat I loved dearly. When we moved, I had to start school late and to make it worse I had to take the fifth grade for a second time due to all of our moving. I was worried I'd never have any friends. But one thing cheered me,… Continue reading Restoration from Narcissistic Abuse

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Male Headship 7—The Headship of Jesus

If any man on this earth desires to claim true Christian headship, this is what it looks like. Photo by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash Where equality exists, both men, and women should aim for the goal of serving like Christ. For those who grew up with the false doctrine of male headship, I have good news for… Continue reading Male Headship 7—The Headship of Jesus