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Once Were Sisters

Jessie grew up in an enmeshed family. For as long as she could remember, her life revolved around her parents and sisters. Her mother was very protective of them. She rarely let them out of her sight unless they were at school. Jessie and her sisters saw the world as a huge and dangerous place… Continue reading Once Were Sisters

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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire?

My Grandma was a writer. No one really knew this outside of the family because she was never published. She just filled out diary after diary, year after year. Who knows how long she had been keeping a faithful diary, but I know she told me once that she wrote something in her diary when… Continue reading Liar, Liar Pants on Fire?

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Skip the Rant and Make it a Story

One of the biggest reasons we write memoir is to tell our stories, but good memoir not only tells a story, but describes the journey the author has been on which might include their own faults along with the people who might have abused them. When I read so-called memoirs that simply go on and on… Continue reading Skip the Rant and Make it a Story

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Encounter at Grouse Gap

Today I decided that roasted marshmallows taste like manna. It's interesting how we sometimes get a chance to revisit our lives in full circle moments. Sometimes they’re good experiences and other times they can be triggering. Today I had a beautiful moment that could only be orchestrated by the benevolent heart of the Universe. I… Continue reading Encounter at Grouse Gap

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The Hidden Elephant of Narcissism

There's a phrase, the elephant in the living room, which purports to describe what it's like to live with a drug addict, an alcoholic, an abuser. People outside such relationships will sometimes ask, "How could you let such a business go on for so many years? Didn't you see the elephant in the living room?"… Continue reading The Hidden Elephant of Narcissism

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Why You Need to Talk with Your Younger Self

Have you ever met a stranger who reminds you of your Grandma? Or reminds you of a mean aunt who verbally abused you? When we react to other people and various stimuli, we are often reacting to our past experiences. These clues might seem like nothing at first, but consider how the triggers of the past influence the… Continue reading Why You Need to Talk with Your Younger Self

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Restoration from Narcissistic Abuse

When I was eleven, I had a tabby cat I loved dearly. When we moved, I had to start school late and to make it worse I had to take the fifth grade for a second time due to all of our moving. I was worried I'd never have any friends. But one thing cheered me,… Continue reading Restoration from Narcissistic Abuse

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We Are Shaped by Our Stories

You've probably heard the saying, "We're only as sick as our secrets." One of my secrets is that my family was often homeless. It happened for a short time when I was eight years old. Then we lived in a cabin with limited utilities for most of seven years. During that time, we took our… Continue reading We Are Shaped by Our Stories

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Independence Day Again

Do you have an independence day? No, I'm not talking about a national holiday, but the day you were set free because you realized a relationship with someone you loved was not going to work any more? It seems we have many independence days along this journey from narcissism. Sometimes we have to get up and declare our independence just to get out of bed… Continue reading Independence Day Again

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Re-Framing Our Life Stories

A couple years ago, a man in my church told me to hurry up and finish my memoir so I could move on with my life. Sadly, this person has probably never read a memoir unless it was of a sports hero. He was assuming I was damaging myself for writing about my unconventional childhood,… Continue reading Re-Framing Our Life Stories