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Hey Friend,

This website is my way to pay it forward! I don’t make any money off of it. It’s an information station for the hurting to discover there’s hope in the midst of chaos and they too can survive narcissistic abuse.

These stories were borne out of my search for understanding while I was trying to deal with the dysfunction in my own family. When a friend invited me to join a group of people describing their experiences with narcissistic family members, I didn’t think I needed it at first. But for years I’d been beating my head against a rock trying to make things work with people who were committed to misunderstanding me. That night for the first time, I joined the group and listened to story after story that sounded like it came from my family. It was the first time I realized I wasn’t alone.

This knowledge changed everything! The next morning was my birthday and my husband and I had planned a trip. As we drove at dawn the sky was gloriously dressed in bright pink and yellow. I felt like I was seeing the world in color for the first time after being stuck in a dark monochrome for years. As soon as I stopped waiting for the narcissist to change, I was free to enjoy my life. And it can be just as true for you!

I hope you like these stories and find some tools you can use here. I especially pray you can find some peace. Even if the narcissist threw you away, their behavior does not devalue you. As Brené Brown says, “You are worthy of love and belonging!

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Peace and freedom to you!