In the beginning God created Man, but he was not all that–because even though God created Man with perfection, something was still missing–Man wasn’t whole. We know this because God looked at him and said, “It’s not good for Man to be alone.”

So God put Man to sleep and took a rib out of him to form Woman. This rib was to remind Man that Woman was not a separate entity, but an actual part of him. Man recognized this when he saw her and declared, “She is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh!” This caused Man to love and care for Woman’s body and soul as much as his own.

But God didn’t create Woman to be an extension of Man. Woman was designed with a mind of her own to test and strengthen Man though the experiences of life. When God named Woman, She declared her an “Ezer Kenegdo” which means, the “Lifesaver who comes along beside.”

God Herself is called Ezer just a few times in the Bible and every time, God is referenced as Ezer it is when She is coming through to save the day when everything looks hopeless and lost.

Ezer, as the crowning act of creation, was given a God-like role to serve and provide hope and love to help save Man’s life. Of course this was not a one way transaction–Man would be blessed by the experience to love Woman and she would be blessed by the experience of loving Man. As long as they continued to serve each other, they would enjoy a beautiful symbiotic relationship of equality where neither controlled, nor manipulated the other. For a while this worked and all was well in Paradise.

Then one day Man decided to do his thing while his Ezer did hers. Instead of working together, Ezer ended up vulnerable and alone and deceived by a charming snake. This resulted in Man choosing to protect self and before they knew it, they discovered they were both naked and ashamed. Instead of Man owning his part and Ezer owning hers, they blamed each other, the snake and ultimately God.

God hadn’t changed. God was still the ultimate Ezer—for both male and female. God came looking for Man and Ezer and found them hiding in the bushes trying on fig leaves as if God couldn’t see them. God had created this beautiful unity between two versatile parts who were two, yet one, but now their unity was broken and it grieved God.

It was time to tell them the truth. Because they had fractured their unity, the struggle was harsh. Man was stronger and he would lord over the Ezer sent to help him. Ezer would now pine for their lost intimacy and use all sorts of manipulation to get Man’s love back. Her own insecurities and shame began to block the connection between them.

Man figured if one Woman could save his life, perhaps he could become immortal if he had more Women. Ezer, heartbroken sought ways to manipulate Man to regain her status. Ezer’s plans backfired. Man’s love of power grew greater than Man’s love for Ezer and their connection faded.

This broken pattern has been passed down from our first parents to us today. Ezer–who was once the crowning act of creation and created in the image of God Herself, was altered by her own scheming and manipulations. Man used his power over Ezer and downgraded her title to “help-mate.” He now expected her to carry his water bucket and quench his thirst–only to thrown Ezer into the ditch whenever he was in a bad mood.

No one has seen God except what humans have seen in the face of the God/Man Jesus. Yet Man is only half of the image of God because Male and Female were both made in God’s image. We have seen the masculine face of God in Jesus, but the feminine face is more obscure. God could have just as easily come to us as an Ezer and Woman, but perhaps God came as a Man because Man had stolen all the power from Ezer.

In order to meet broken humans where they were. God had to manifest Herself/Himself as a Man to lead because Woman, the Ezer–the one who was meant to be a lifesaver for Man, was now broken down and infertile by Man’s desire to rule over her. So God entered human history as a Man in order to lead both sexes back to health and equality. Thus it would be said “In Christ there are no males or females.”

After this happened, Ezer began to get her power back because of the God/Man Jesus.

Ezer, who had slept with men to gain back her love, now found her value restored through the God/Man Jesus.

Ezer, who had demons in her soul, was now set free by the God/Man Jesus.

Ezer, who was once forced outside the temple, was now beckoned inside by the God/Man Jesus.

Ezer, long shut out of educational pursuits and status by Man, was now being restored by sitting at the feet of the God/Man Jesus.

Ezer who was once shut out and overwhelmed with grief, was healed and restored by the God/Man Jesus. And so out of gratitude, Ezer spent all she had to show her appreciation by washing the feet of the God/Man Jesus.

And God, knowing what had been stolen from Ezer by Man’s greed and desire to lord it over Woman, gave Ezer the greatest tasks of all–to carry the God/Man Jesus in her body, to nurture the God/Man Jesus’s human mind and body and to be the first person to announce to the world that the God/Man Jesus had accomplished His mission when He arose from the grave.

Yet even with such proof and the fact that both Man and Ezer were created in God’s image, Man still assumes God is male and Man continues to deny Ezer her status as the Lifesaver who comes along beside. Man continues to use Woman and exalt himself above her, but Ezer will not be subjected to Man for eternity. Man has taken very little thought of the feminine face of God, but what a surprise he will have when he looks into the eyes of the Ezer, the God whose image Woman bears.

Meanwhile Ezer is rising!  With the abuse of Man, Ezer had nowhere else to go but up. And thanks to the God/Man Jesus, Ezer is being restored to her original glory.

Have you seen Ezer rising? Look around you! Ezers are teaching and preaching and carrying on with the work given to her. Man cannot stop what God has set in motion.

Ezer is rising as the brightest star of kindness and grace shining against the darkest night of oppression and misogyny.

Ezer is rising as a comforter who sponges the fevered brow of society’s many diseases even as she wipes away her own tears.

Ezer is rising as the baker of the Bread and pourer of the Wine–even while she is told to stand at the back of the line.

Ezer is rising even as she continues to endure her shame and pain because Man is often too vile to recognize the image of the most high God within her.

Ezer is rising as she risks her own life to call out truth and demand justice for those who are marginalized.

Ezer is rising as she leads the way in love for all people and points out where human judgments fall far short of God’s grace.

Ezer has been beaten and bruised and give her own crown of thorns, but because of the love of the God/Man Jesus, Ezer is carrying the cross too heavy for past centuries, but today she is finding her identity and worth through the face of the God/Man Jesus. Ezer rises higher than ever because now she knows her joy will come in the morning, when the dawn breaks in the garden on that final resurrection day.

Ezer is rising. Trained eyes can see her now, but she will finally be seen in all her glory when she is standing next to the God who formed Ezer in Her image.

But until then, Man, who has failed to recognize the feminine face of God, is shocked to hear Ezer/God’s voice crying out, “Man, Man, why are you persecuting Me?”

What do you think?

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