Don’t Let People Lie to You

God created us to be naked and unashamed, but ever since Adam and Eve exchanged freedom and nakedness for one taste of the fruit, the human race has been hiding something–and it’s usually more than body parts. Hiding behind bushes was only the beginning. Today we hide behind clothes, cars, houses, religion, politics and money. We just keep piling on more stuff to hide our shame, but it never works.

The antidote to shame isn’t more shiny covers, it’s the truth. We just have trouble recognizing truth because we grew up in an environment of lies. We were taught to say we’re fine when we’re not. We’ve learned to ignore our pain and numb out on food, drink, porn, entertainment and materialism. In a world where everyone is hiding something, we’ve become cynical and we’re afraid to share our hearts.

So we hide. We hide our love until we know it’s safe. We hide our sadness and pain from our friends.  We hide our insecurities at work. We hide our selfish thoughts at church, school and home–always hoping we will look good enough. We also hide the evil done to us and the pain we’ve caused others. We’ve grown up with so much hiding it seems like  concealing our behavior is the natural  human condition, but it’s not.

Lying is a way of life that originated with Satan. There are no lies–not even white lies in heaven.

Naked honesty is not about proving who said what. Petty details don’t matter as much as the fact we are changed by every lie we tell. The more we ignore truth, the more we become deceived.  We might eventually become so damaged by lies that we can no longer see truth.

God designed us to be naked so we could have trusting relationships. Dishonesty is lethal. It’s possible to ignore the law of gravity and still break a bone. Sometimes we try to hide in the bushes, but it is a natural law that we will reap whatever we sow. Hiding even the smallest truth can cause relationships to break down. Marriages are  ruined and whole families become estranged when people try to hide their selfish behavior.

Jesus, the ultimate Truth, calls each of us to honesty. Even to the point we might have to lose family for the truth. Without embracing the naked lifestyle God offers we will never find our healing. Jesus came to lead us out of the bushes into the light of His love, so we can become naked and unashamed–just as He created us.

What happens when you live in the truth,
is you know the lie when it’s coming in the door…
Don’t let people lie to you.
-Inyanla Vanzant


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let People Lie to You”

  1. Wow, I experienced this as well. My whole family intentionally kept a secret from me and lied about it. When the truth did finally come out much later, I addressed the issue with each of the people involved. I was then accused of bullying one family member and putting them in the middle. This person was directly involved in the situation. I couldn’t believe they were trying to turn the situation, which was created by their secrecy and lies, back on me. It was so painful.

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