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A Part of Your World

When most people are eighteen, they have a driver's license, a high school diploma, some friends and possibly a job or plans for college. They usually live in community with other people whether it is with classmates, church members or relatives. When I was eighteen, I had none of these things. For whatever reason my… Continue reading A Part of Your World

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Things I Found in Common With a Polygamist’s Daughter

While I was reading, "The Witness Wore Red," I was surprised by how much I could relate to Rebecca's life in the Fundamental LDS Church. I’ve never met anyone from the FLDS church. No one in my family would consider polygamy. I have never been sexually molested-- if any man had tried, my father and… Continue reading Things I Found in Common With a Polygamist’s Daughter

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The Witness Wore Red–Book Review

They look like a warm and loving family celebrating a meal together. Guests arrive in formal attire to the smell of a roast in the oven, a spotless house and a crowd of children dressed in their Sunday best. While the kids politely gather around the large table, their father introduces his family to his… Continue reading The Witness Wore Red–Book Review

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Little Red’s Resources

Many of us who were broken came from broken parents--the legacy of a dysfunctional family has been handed down to us from our first parents, but we don't have to stay broken. For many the healing begins with compassion and a better understanding of God. These various resources include poems about childhood, information about healing the mind and books to read to… Continue reading Little Red’s Resources

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Freedom Manifesto


Julie Miller–Testimony, “I Thought God Wanted to Rape Me”

Julie Miller has fascinated me for years with her unique, little girl voice and beautiful song lyrics, but I had no idea of her pain. It was a treat to watch this video and hear in her own words the story of how she came to trust God after a horrific childhood. The video… Continue reading Julie Miller–Testimony, “I Thought God Wanted to Rape Me”

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Mind Control – Traditions of Narcissistic Families 10

Many parents use mind control to play the Fear, Shame and Blame Game to manipulate their adult children. It's easy for them to push our buttons because they installed them. If you had controlling parents chances are they used mind control. It's hard to break away from someone who convinces you they might die if you fail… Continue reading Mind Control – Traditions of Narcissistic Families 10


Components of Spiritual Abuse

I recently discovered the following components of Spiritual Abuse. I am unsure of who the author is, but they sound familiar. 1. Spiritual abuse is the violation of our trust placed in God by someone who betrays that trust by using God’s name to gain entrance into our secret soul, destroying our experience of the goodness… Continue reading Components of Spiritual Abuse

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Violence – Traditions of Narcissistic Families 8

Violence doesn't just happen. I've heard many people say, "Things just got out of control and we didn't realize it until someone got hurt." I don't believe them. Violence always starts with disrespect. Violence isn't always physical. We can each do violence to ourselves without speaking a word or hitting the wall. Other times it's angry yelling or… Continue reading Violence – Traditions of Narcissistic Families 8

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Victimhood: Traditions of Narcissistic Families 9

Most narcissistic families could write their own book of martyrs. The truth is we've all had bad luck, but healthy people realize victimhood is a fallacy. Have you ever known someone who could go to the circus, have an elephant step on their foot, clowns spit on them, pop spilled down their back and still… Continue reading Victimhood: Traditions of Narcissistic Families 9