Narc Family Drama

Angela's mother hates her husband. She hates the way Angela dresses too. And oh, she also hates Angela's friends. Angela can’t remember when her mother liked anything she did. And Angela gets sick every time the holidays come around because she knows all the stress it will bring up between her mom and her husband. This situation... Continue Reading →

Why Going No Contact With a Narcissist is Necessary

Talia had enough. Her abuser wasn't sorry for the past and continued to verbally abuse her. It didn't matter that he was a relative.  For her own peace of mind, she had to go "No Contact." Talia had was getting migraines. Her headaches started when she decided to confront her abuser. When she realized he... Continue Reading →

Forgive or Forget?

No one likes a grudge holder. The old phrase, "Forgive and forget" has been used to insinuate we haven't forgiven  if we haven't forgotten, but that's not always true. While forgetting seems like a beautiful concept in theory, it can only happen healthfully when an abuser acknowledges what they have done. Consider some situations where... Continue Reading →

How Forgiveness Could Set You Free

Forgiveness is often a controversial subject among survivors, and while I don't think anyone can tell another when to forgive, forgiveness is not always what we've thought it was. Here is a guest blog by my dear friend Amelia Ponder who is both a survivor and a therapist. A quote from Google: Psychologists generally define forgiveness... Continue Reading →

Walking Away with Jesus

They were walking away. Done. The church as they knew it had let them down and now after the events of the weekend, they were through. It was hard to accept, and at first, it had been difficult to imagine, but now that Jesus was dead, they had no choice but to walk away. With... Continue Reading →

Dark Sabbath

Were your plans and dreams ever destroyed by a single event? I wonder how it felt to the friends of Jesus the day after he died. It sounds weird to say, "Jesus is dead."  But for one day that was reality. Friday was a dark day and the world’s profound grief must’ve been palpable, but... Continue Reading →

Losing Religion to Find the Way

"It's all very delicate, your fragile house of lies, it could collapse at any moment." -Sarah, The Path  The Path is a TV show on Hulu about a cult which has some strong comparisons to Christianity. The followers of “The Path” believe they are choosing a higher existence and each person is ascending a ladder... Continue Reading →

You are Glorious Scapegoat

I am not a stranger to the dark Hide away, they say 'Cause we don't want your broken parts I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars Run away, they say No one'll love you as you are But I won't let them break me down to dust I know that there's a place... Continue Reading →

Book Review– Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

She had a sociopathic brother, a flying monkey sister, a bipolar or borderline father, and a subversive narcissistic mother. What's a girl to do? Rise up, get educated and get the hell out of town. Educated: A Memoir Author: Tara Westover Publisher: Random House Publication Date: February 20, 2018 Length: 337 pages I highly recommend... Continue Reading →

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