We’re taking back our COMMUNITY from those who divided us, scorned us and scapegoated us for standing up for truth and the marginalized. This will take COMPASSION, EMPATHY, SOLIDARITY and INTIMACY, but we’re taking it back.

4 thoughts on “COMMUNITY”

  1. I think that’s a really important, and often overlooked, aspect of Christianity, and it’s great to see you writing about it!

    That very thing is the main reason I came out relatively sane despite my family of origin. It was very powerful to think that there was someone bigger than what we humans are whose ideas were so sane, so inspiring, so completely different to what you experience in an abusive family… and who was loving and encouraging and interested…

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  2. I believe that you can be reparented simultaneously by God and by yourself. I believe this because I have done it. God gives you the ability to do it as he gives you the ability to do all things. A wonderful therapist taught, coached and encouraged me to do this. But God gets the glory first.

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  3. Yes! I agree 100%! We have responsibility for how we parent ourselves now. And for some people who do not believe in God, it is comforting to them. I find comfort in both–know I can parent myself in healthier ways and knowing there is a being in the universe bigger than myself to help me get through all the hurdles in life.

    Peace and freedom to you, Julie!



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