Struggle With Your Parents?

Our lives are shaped by those who love us
and those who refused to love us.
– John Powell 

Let’s face it, things have changed a lot since Eden.
Today we aren’t even sure we can trust our own parents.
God is basically out of the picture for many people.

Have you struggled with your parents?
Do you long for unconditional love?
Have you been hurt by someone bigger than you?
Does the idea of a Heavenly Father conjure up images of fear?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions,
You’ve come to the right place.
If you feel scared or turned off by God,
You might not truly know Him.

For every broken promise made by your earthly parents,
you have a Heavenly Father who wants to make it up to you.

Your Heavenly Father will never force you.

Never beat you.
Never abandon you.
Never abuse you to please self.
He will never fail to provide for you
and will never ignore you.

You can challenge Him,
blame Him and beat on His chest.
He will endure your anger,
Because His love is greater than all your frustration.
Even if you choose to walk away,
Your Heavenly Father will do everything in His power
to prove His love to you and win you back.

The good news is those who have been abused by their parents,
can be re-parented by God–the kindest Father of all!

God doesn’t use His power the way earthly parents do.
There is one thing you can always be sure of–
Your Heavenly Father will never coerce you.
If you decide to give Him a chance
you may just discover that He really is perfect.


What do you think?

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