Perfect Father

The first of all truths,
which a lifetime of church-going
and Bible-reading will fail to disclose,
is that for life to be a good thing and worth living,
a man must be the child of a
perfect Father and know him.
-George MacDonald

Family is the first place we learn about God, because family is where we learn about love and God is love. None of our parents were perfect but we often confuse the way our parents treated us with the character of our heavenly Parent. God is not like human parents who neglect and abuse, but God is altogether another Being. The best parents we have on this earth are merely a shadow of God’s unfathomable love.

To discover what our Heavenly Father is like, we can compare Him to Jesus, who said:

The Father and I are one.

If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.

He even used the word perfect to describe His Father!

púr • fikt

1. without faults
2. complete and whole
3. excellent or ideal
4. especially suitable
5. skilled


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