Little Red

Skipping along the path of life, Red’s heart was full of joy as she reached out to pick the flowers of life and pass them it on to others. That fateful day she was carrying a basket with homemade bread and jam for grandma.

Little Red naively trusted grandmother (despite her wolf-like behavior) because Little Red assumed all parents and grandparents are safe. This is the experience of many who have been abused by narcissistic parents and leaders. Something in her gut felt wrong, but in her innocence she couldn’t figure it out what it was until long after it happened.

Little Red is the symbol of all who were abused in the home and church in the name of love. Nothing is more sinister than believing we are loved and safe only to be ravaged by wolves in the fold.

Valley of the Shadow,,

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Little Red thought Grandma’s house was a safe place and so did we. It was shocking to find ourselves lied to and abused by the very people who were supposed to love and protect us. Nothing is more damaging to the psyche than abuse in the name of love.

There are many endings to the story of Little Red throughout history and across cultures. Some say she was rescued by the woodsman. Others say she and grandmother were both eaten by the wolf, but survived after his stomach was cut open. One of the oldest versions of this story says Little Red did not wait to get rescued, but rescued herself.

In this most ancient version, Little Red outsmarts Wolf by saying she has to go to the outhouse. Wolf allows her to go to the outhouse with a string tied around her finger, but once Red is out of Wolf’s sight, she wisely ties the string to the outhouse door and runs for her life.,

Prints & Accessories Available Here

Like Little Red, we had no control over what our abuser’s did to us, but now we can use our resources to rescue ourselves and get to a safer place. This is how we change the things we can.

Our abusers have lied. They will claim it never happened. They will accuse us of making things up–which is code for they don’t want anyone else to know what they did so they are trying to discredit us. No matter how much we love them, we can’t fix them. This is where we learn to accept the things we cannot change.

The art and stories at Little Red Survivor are designed for survivors of childhood narcissistic and religious abuse—each piece is intended to help you thrive.

Surviving the Wolves

What Happens in Childhood Never Stays in Childhood

A Game We Can Never Win

Your Messy Story Matters

4 Responses to “Little Red”

  1. passengeroftheroad May 15, 2016 at 7:31 am #

    There is a legacy of self doubt which survivors are saddled with, the narc parent has instilled the child with guilt & shame. It takes a long time to understand and come to terms with this abuse or to name it as abuse.
    It’s helpful once you label what happened and come to terms with it. Only then can you know it wasn’t anything wrong with you the child. I dated two abusive men with exactly the same controlling behaviour as my mother and I can now pinpoint her agenda played a role in my adult choices. She seemed to blame me for her & the behaviour of my ex partners.
    I parented well doing the opposite to my childhood experiences & that choice was made by me from a very young age. I promised ‘if I have a child I’ll listen to them’ I vowed to never hit or pull them around by their hair.

  2. Cherilyn Clough May 17, 2016 at 9:43 am #

    Good for you, Passenger of the Road!

    It’s always so encouraging to hear of people who are conscientiously breaking the cycle of abuse. Blessings on you and yours!


  3. Cole August 21, 2016 at 7:56 pm #

    Your art and stories are beautiful. Knowing that this sort of thing really does happen has given me such clarity. Thank you for that and for sharing your story of your past. Your family might be upset with you now but remember the people that they are, not that it’s bad just different, and realize that if they are upset with you it is probably because you are doing the right thing. They don’t get to keep you from telling your story, it’s yours and they have taken enough of your time and your life from you. While you may have upset the people who are a part of your past you have helped many more victims of this abuse and dead-life style. Maybe them getting angry and you sticking up for yourself and holding onto the truth is all a part of your healing process.

  4. Cherilyn Clough August 23, 2016 at 8:15 pm #

    Thank you Cole,

    I appreciate your comments and it seems you are a very savvy person.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

    Peace and freedom to you!


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