story, narcissist, narcissism, narcissistic abuse,


The beauty of story goes beyond
what you see and I see
and teaches us dignity.
About who we are,
where we’ve come from
and where we’re going. 

story, narcissist, narcissism, narcissistic abuse,


Story teaches us to distinguish
from fairytale to possibility
from fable to truth
because the deepest truths are taught
through story.

Story is how we listen to our bodies
and our senses to remember
what happened in the past
so we can avoid misery in the future.

Stories might entertain children,
but they also put them to sleep.
Stories were meant for adults
to contemplate the deep.

Story is the experience
we had in guilt-town so we know
we don’t need to visit there again.

Story is the vacation in paradise
where we discovered
love is enough without all the blitz.

Story is the experience
that keeps us coming back to dine
at the King’s banqueting table
and reminds us of the promise
we are never alone
even in the valley of the shadow.

Story is what wakes us up
and makes us up
shakes us up
and takes us up
to a place that is higher.

Through story we discover
we are resilient
that we can give, forgive and live.

Story gives us the opportunity to bind up
the emotional wounds of the past
so we can receive our healing.

Telling our stories
is like throwing stones in the river
the ripples enlarge our borders
and spread our wisdom
to people we’ve never even met.

I need to hear your stories
and you need to hear mine.
We need all of our stories because
we were formed by our stories.

When people ask us
to stop telling our stories
they are asking us
to delete pages from our lives
as if we had never lived.
Don’t let it happen.

They can ask us to play dead
and we can try to bury our stories,
but the body will always remember
what the mind forgets.

The Universe doesn’t asked us
to hide our stories.
If someone in the name of God
asks you to NOT tell your story,
beware of such a snake.

Even Jesus,
who calls Himself the Truth,
always confirms the truth
is always on the side of truth.

The Bible is full of messy stories,
adulterers, murderers,
prostitutes and tyrants.
It tells of outcasts and lepers
and abused women.

Such stories are there for a reason
To show us how to live better stories.
If our first parents had tried
to hide their stories,
we wouldn’t have the ancient poem
which tells where we came from.

The only way this life will ever make sense
is for your story and my story to be told
and to examine how they fit
into the larger story of humankind and God.

Telling our stories
honors our heavenly Parent
because God wants to enter into
and illuminate ALL of our stories.

It’s important to tell your stories,
but it’s even more important to
use your past experiences
to live a better story now.

-Cherilyn Clough

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