You own everything that happened to you.
Tell your stories.
If people wanted you
to write warmly about them,
they should have behaved better.
-Anne Lamott

The beauty of story goes beyond
what you see and I see
and teaches us reality.

Story teaches us to distinguish
from fairytale to possibility.
From fable to truth
and the deepest truths are taught
through story–
because story is how we remember.

Stories entertain children,
but they also put them to sleep.
Stories were meant for adults
to contemplate the deep.

Story is the experience
we had in guilt town so we know
we don’t need to visit there again.

Story is the vacation in paradise
where we discovered
because love is enough.

Story is the experience
that keeps us coming back to dine
at the King’s banqueting table.

And story reminds us of the promise
that we will never be alone
even in the valley of the shadow.

Story is what wakes us up
and makes us up
and takes us up–
to a place that is higher.
Through story we discover
we can give and forgive and live.

Story gives us an opportunity to cleanse
the emotional wounds of our past
so we can receive our healing.

Telling our stories
is like throwing stones into the water
with ripples that enlarge our borders
spreading wisdom
to people we’ve never even met.

I need to hear your stories
and you need to hear mine.
We need all of our stories because
we were formed by our stories
and when people ask us
to stop telling our stories
they are asking us to omit
years from our lives
as if we had never lived.

When they ask us to play dead
we can try to bury our stories,
but the body will always remember
what the mind forgets.

God has never asked us to hide our stories.
He who calls Himself the Truth
always confirms the truth
and is on the side of the truth.

God communicates to us through story.
The Bible has 66 books full of messy stories
of murderers and prostitutes and abused women

These stories are there for a reason
To show us how to live better stories
Jesus himself told many stories.

Our honest stories
speak the truth about God
and honor our heavenly Parent.

If Adam and Eve had tried
to keep their story a secret,
we wouldn’t even have
the ancient poem
which explains where we all came from.

God wants to enter into
and illuminate all of our stories.
The only way this life makes any sense
is when your story and my story
fit into God’s greater story.

What do you think?

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