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Don’t Let the Narc Mess With Your Heart

14 Feb

Think about all the lies, the put downs and the gaslighting.

All the times you tried to explain your heart
to someone who was committed to misunderstanding it.

All the times your empathetic heart was used by the Narcissist,
who said it was your own fault.

All the times the Narcissist stepped on your heart,
then said you were too sensitive.

All the times you were told to ignore your heart,
and sit down and shut up and put up.

Think about the beatings your heart has gone through.
Think about all the times you ignored your heart—
because of the Narcissist.

There was a time when your heart said, “Speak the truth,”
but the Narcissist said, “Shut up.”

There was a time when your heart said, “Watch out,”
but the Narcissist said, “Don’t worry.”

There was a time when your heart said, “This is a lie,”
but the Narcissist said, “Trust me.”

Listen to Your Heart, cherilynclough.com, https://www.etsy.com/listing/505157007/listen-to-your-heart-print-valentine?ref=shop_home_feat_3

There was a time when your heart said, “Remember,”
but the Narcissist said, “Forget.”

There was a time when your heart said, “I’m worth it,”
but the Narcissist said, “You’re not worth it.”

The truth is you ARE worth it–

You are worth speaking your truth,
You are worth explaining your fears,
You are worth remembering your pain,
You are worth sharing your heart
And you are worth having a relationship with someone
who treats you with respect and honesty.

It’s way past time friend, to listen to your heart.

Giving Women Wings

17 Nov

Girlfriends we are in a war. Not the kind you read about in the news feed, but a private and personal war. It’s an attack on woman-kind. And the enemy is not cut and dried like one sports team against the other where the color of the uniform informs. It’s a war of men against woman–but not all men. It’s hidden abuse behind closed doors with men who view women as less than themselves. The battle is real for a mother who can’t sleep at night because the man she married and the father of her child is an abusive narcissist.

In a world where people are fighting over whether it’s PC to wear safety pins, God calls Women and there are true Ezer Kenegdos who are rising and making a difference with their hands and feet. I’d like to introduce you to a ministry called, “Give Her Wings.” Their goal is to help women get on their feet and find their wings.

Many times women are shamed by the church and accused of being codependent, but the truth is many victims of narcissistic abuse are stuck in a trauma bond. This means they have been abused to the point they can’t find themselves anymore. These women are in a fight for survival and any little crumb of kindness thrown at them by the narcissist–while it might seem like nourishment to to them—is actually a part of the poison. These lies are part of the abuse cycle to reel women in with kindness and then berate them with abuse. Such treatment could wear down the strongest of women if she is gas-lighted on a daily basis.

Give Her Wings is making a difference one woman, one family at a time. We know narcs rarely change. When these women wait for their abusers to change, it erodes their self-worth and damages their children who are growing up with fighting in the home. The only solution to such horrible abuse is to go no contact, but because so many Christians are ignorant about narcissistic abuse, these women often fall through the cracks because they feel ashamed to ask for help.

This is where Give Her Wings not only offers financial support, but spiritual and emotional support to help women remember who they were created to be in order to regain their wings of independence. Here is some of their philosophy in their own words:

“We do not encourage our mamas to look back at their old life with their abusive ex-husbands; we do not link them to those men. That is over and done with. We encourage them to move forward and press on to the new life Jesus is giving them. And we do everything we can to help with that.” -David

“We love our mamas, we do not try to help anyone “reconcile” with an abuser, knowing that this is impossible. We meet vulnerability with even more dignity and we give mercy right where they are and where we are.” –Megan

I was recently honored when Give Her Wings purchased some of my art and I decided to look into their platform and I was amazed what a small group of people can do when they serve one woman at a time. It literally brought tears to my eyes.

Ezer Angel, cherilynclough.com, http://www.redbubble.com/people/littlered7/works/23882013-ezer-kenegdo-angel

Prints and Pillows Available Here

I’ve thought a lot about women–how God created us as Ezer Kenegdos to reflect Herself–the feminine side of God. That God Herself also is called Ezer several times when the crisis is great and people need a lifesaver. The women (and men) at Give Her Wings are acting as true lifesavers, true Ezer Kenegdos helping God restore women by helping them rediscover their original Ezer glory and freedom in their Creator. This is the way to healing—to know who created us and who we were meant to be–I believe this is the only way any of us can find our true healing.

So I was just playing around with my paper and glue and this angel showed up to remind me we can all be Ezer Kenegdos–we can all be lifesavers who come alongside–this is who we were designed to be. When I am painting, I never know how the art will emerge. As I prayed for this ministry called Give Her Wings, I was reminded of so many ways we can all be angels to give other women wings and I added a few ideas at the bottom.

As Christmas approaches Give Her Wings has raised gifts for twenty two mothers and over forty children this Christmas. That’s amazing, but they continue to work all year round to free women from the chains of abuse. Their website and facebook page offer articles to help women support others and realize what narcissism is so they can get on with their lives and fly.

Bravo to Give Her Wings! I can’t imagine a more powerful work! Let’s follow the example of Give Her Wings and look for opportunities to serve the women and children around us.

PS If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate to before the end of the year, I highly recommend Give Her Wings.

Don’t forget to check out their links:

About Give Her Wings

Give Her Wings Website

Give Her Wings on Facebook

A Great Article About Trauma Bonds

My Least Favorite Things

8 Dec

Here’s a little poem I wrote.
Try to imagine Julie Andrews singing it.

My Least Favorite Things

People who punish as much as they’re able,
Gossip and whining and pride on the table,
Gifts and affection all tied up with strings,
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Family secrets and abject denial,
Threatening and judging and people on trial
Sneers and snide comments and yelling that stings
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Unwise expectations that I should not tell,
Those who have created their own private hell,
Ostracization and hatred that clings,
These are a few of my least favorite things.

When I’m missing family dinners–
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my least favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

-Cherilyn Clough

You Decide How the Story Ends

1 Dec

Once upon a time a girl grew up with narcissistic parents who didn’t meet her needs because they were too busy trying to fill their own. She survived hard times, but she had no clue what she was missing or how other people lived. Through the struggles of a messy childhood and lonely adulthood, she journeyed until one day she saw some light. She moved toward it until she found herself outside of the cave she had been raised in. For the first time in her life she saw what she had been missing and she was both elated at the discovery and saddened by the life she had been living. Thus she began to search for happiness.

Despite her relief at finding light, the world outside the cave was almost too bright, for one thing it seemed unpredictable and scary at times. In such moments, she found herself longing to go back into the darkness where life seemed safe and predictable. Yet she knew such safety also stole her freedom for she was basically used as a slave by her family. Now that her eyes had become accustomed to the light, she could’t see very well in the cave.

Other times she wished she’d been born a princess and had never known the darkness of the cave because those memories seemed to follow her everywhere and often darkened her path and gave her anxiety. Even the smell of leather brought on a panic attack because it reminded her of the many times she had been beaten with a strap to appease someone else’s anger. When the darkness followed her, she often heard the contempt of her abusers and accusers she often wondered if she could ever find a good life.

On her journey she came around the bend and met an elderly woman who pulled back her shawl and offered her a leather book. The girl plugged her nose at the smell of the leather. The old sage was bent over and her hands were gnarled. For a second, she held her crooked finger to her lips before speaking,“Here is a gift. It holds the secret to a happy life.”

The young girl was curious why the old woman would offer it to her, but she accepted the book out of kindness. The woman continued in the opposite direction, while the young girl opened the book in her impatience only to discover it full of blank pages. She turned and called out to the woman. “You have tricked me! There’s nothing in this book!”

The old woman took her time to turn around, then with a face full of kindness she replied, “Write in the book and you will discover the key to happiness.”

The girl rolled her eyes and continued her journey. When night came, she lay under the stars and wondered at the mysterious meeting. In the early morning light, she woke up and began to write about her journey the day before. She marveled at where she had been and how much she had seen. From then on writing became a habit and she even began to enjoy the scent of leather.

One day she felt lonely and discouraged and it seemed she had nothing good to write about. That was the day she began to write down her dreams. Each night when she felt her day had not gone as she had hoped, she dreamed a new dream for the next day and recorded it in the morning.

Like a winding river—ever changing and always moving, her journey continued for many miles and years. The young girl refused all suitors–until she found the prince of her dreams. Her family began to grow and she built a life worth living until one day she looked back through her book and realized her dreams had merged into real life. The things she wrote about were no longer a fantasy, but they had become real. By the time she realized the value of the gift the old woman had given her, she was no longer a young girl, but was becoming wise in years herself.

One day she met a beautiful girl full of energy, yet longing for stability. She recognized the pain and confusion that she had worn on her own face so many years before. She reached into her bag and offered a book much like the one given to her so long ago. As she held it out, she was surprised to notice her own hands had begun to grow wrinkled. The young girl almost snubbed the gift, then took it out of politeness. The woman sighed and smiled, because now she now knew the key to happiness is that we each decide how the story ends.

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
-Mary Oliver

Male Headship 2—What is Male Headship?

18 Jun

I’ve asked women to share with me what their definition of male headship is and this was one of the best:

“Male headship is patriarchy in a marriage or in a society. It’s the idea that males should be given some ultimate advantage, priority, or responsibility in decision-making and leadership.”

There are various applications and headship looks different across many cultures, but male headship usually boils down to the practice and belief that a man is superior to a woman. Not all men who practice male headship are cruel, some lead their wives and daughters lovingly and with great affection, but the underlying lie is still there that the wife is inferior and is not capable of making her own choices. She supposedly needs a man to tell her how to act and what to think and ultimately what to believe about God.

My Own Person Pillow, cherilynclough.com, LittleRedSurvivor.com

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Male privilege places all the power in a relationship with the man. This leaves the women subjugated to his will and often denies her voice. The result is that in many male headship cultures women are treated as property. This was even true in the United States a century ago when woman were fighting for the right to vote.

Male headship in practice can leave a woman with no recourse when a man is cruel. In Christian circles, some say women are “different but equal” and some men who belief in headship are very kind to their women. If this was always true, if every husband treated his wife as Christ loves the church and treasured her body as his own, then perhaps there would be no reason to write this, but this is not the reality for most who practice headship.

For an example of male headship within distorted Christianity check out, “The Witness Wore Red.” book review and Things I Found in Common with Polygamist’s Daughter. A Fundamental Latter Day Saints might seem like an extreme example, but many Christians who practice male headship are only a stone’s throw from abusing women in a similar manner.

It puzzles me that so many Male Headship Christians are firmly against Islam. They preach against Islam and share horror stories about Islam, yet they fail to recognize that male headship taken to its natural conclusion looks just like Islam. If headship is allowed to flourish, women continually lose one right after another until they fade into the background and become invisible.

One woman describes it like this:

“Given ultimate power in a relationship makes it too tempting for a man to interject selfishness and get his own way–often at her expense. Under extreme male headship “women can’t drive, can’t travel without a male escort, can’t shop in male only stores (anywhere that isn’t grocery or women’s clothing) can’t go to museums (except on women and children days) can’t swim unless there are women only days at the pool, is subject to genital mutilation (to make sure sex is so painful that she will never have sex with anyone but her husband–who will have to cut her open the first time) will be killed for being raped, because SHE “SHAMED” the family. Must cover her face at all times (even in her own home) if a man who isn’t her husband, brother, or son (brother-in-laws don’t count) is present–the list continues to infinity.” -Kathy Ringering Wendt

Another wrote:

“Male headship is that just by being born a male they are in charge of all who are born female. It is saying that females are born second class citizens. It says that females start out under the rule of their fathers and are then passed on to be under the rule of their husband and if they are widows they are under the rule of elders. Ultimately, the husband is the priest of the household he stands between God and the wife.” -K.S.

Regardless of the many ways male headship is abused, I think placing a man between a woman and God is the biggest lie of all. There is no justification for cruelty. We can often see violent and base behavior for what it is, but packaging God in such a way as to make Him seem more accessible and more in favor of men, robs women of their direct access to God and their God-given right to act freely on their own conscience.

How might this look in a traditional Christian environment? It looks like a father telling his daughter how to vote or what to say in court. It looks like a father treating his wife as if she doesn’t exist because she disagrees with him about God. It might look like a father refusing his daughter an education. It could also look like shunning a woman at church who has been given a gift and calling by God or even worse a witch hunt to criticize and condemn her.

A few years ago, some friends of mine went to a marriage seminar weekend and came back to inform the rest of our study group that men are the leaders in the home and in the church and women are merely here to assist men. Because I was a co-leader of that group along with a man, I just rolled my eyes–until I realized they were serious.

At the time, my pastor had asked me to serve communion with the men and had asked if I would consider becoming an elder. Because I knew there were some in our church who adamantly were opposed to women leaders–including my friends, I felt it would only cause trouble so I said no. I didn’t say no because I was unable to care for other people. I have known elders who took no interest in my life but I knew I had the gift of encouragement and teaching, but I still said no. Part of the problem was that I perceived that to be an elder meant some sort of hierarchy. Today I realize it simply means you are willing to serve others as Jesus does. So why would a woman not be able to do this?

When the husband of this couple heard that I had turned my pastor down, he told me he was proud of me for saying no–that I was too nice of a person to be standing up for women’s leadership in the church. I wish I had asked him what he meant, but I had been conditioned by my father to let the men lead and I had been taught by my mother to not to make waves, so I shrunk back from following God’s lead because I was listening to men who were supposedly superior to me and had a more direct line to God.

This incident happened over a decade ago. After studying the life of Jesus these last ten years, I am convinced that God not only calls women, but the Bible shows how women were strategically placed in the gospel story to empower Eve to reclaim her rightful place as Adam’s equal. But before we get into Eve’s restoration, let’s talk about where headship came actually from.

Do you see Male Headship as it is described above, or do you have a different way of looking at it?

Story Behind the Art—I Am My Own Person

17 Jun

I remember sitting in the car after cashing the largest paycheck I received as a teenager. I had planned to buy a book to study for my GED and buy some shoes that did not have holes in them. I can still hear the clearing of the throat. Then the questions asked in a very loving voice.

“Do you love Jesus?”

“Why of course I love Jesus.”

“Well Jesus gave up everything for us. He gave His all, don’t you want to be like Jesus?”

Well… when they put it that way what could I say? I gave them my entire check of $ 350.

I Am My Own Person, CherilynClough.com LittleRedSurvivor.com

Prints Available Here

I gave up my money that day and many other days because I felt I had no choice. I grew up thinking God wanted my money and if I didn’t pay Him, He would kill me. This spiritual abuse from my teens nearly destroyed my relationship with God.

Today I realize God has all the money He wants and what He desires most from me is my heart. He only wants money from a willing heart because the Bible says God loves a cheerful giver. And another thing–God is always true to Himself.

If we are faithless,
God remains faithful,
for He cannot deny Himself.
-2 Timothy 2:13

God doesn’t pretend to please any one and He doesn’t ask us to give up who He designed us to be. We have not been asked by God to abandon our individuality for anyone else. I wish I had known this before I spent years people pleasing, but when we know better, we do better. Just as every sunflower is different, each person is unique. God created us to sing or preach or write or paint and He wants us to become who He designed us to be.

This quote has been shared among the blogs of several of my survivor friends. To say it spoke to me would be an understatement–it seemed to shout my name. This is the sort of quote I was once discouraged from thinking about because I was told it reeked of humanism and feminism. Today it speaks of freedom and individuality to this girl who once gave herself away before she even had a self.

Making This Art

Because there are so many words, I knew this might be difficult to create. I tried to picture the words in my mind as a picture.

I am drawn to sunflowers because they soak up the sun and it empowers them to stand taller than just about any other flower. I see a spiritual connection to myself soaking up “the son” so I too can stand taller.

I wanted the flower in the middle to both divide some of the words and to represent each of us. The most powerful words in the verse are hand written to personalize this truth.

I used a simple yet rustic background because I knew it could not be too busy or it would compete with all the words.

Next I created a large sunflower and then the smaller sunflowers out of water color paper and cut them out and glued them on with gloss medium. I used three coats to seal it.

The last thing I did was stamp the rest of the words on and put several coats of gloss medium in the whole thing.

It took about five hours total. It’s a great reminder of an important truth I have often neglected when I was younger, but with this hanging on my wall, I doubt I will ever forget.

What about you? Have you ever set fire to yourself to keep someone else warm?

Giraffes and Elephants

14 May

My cat Minkah growls at the same neighbor every morning when he gets in his car to go to work. I wondered how my cat can discern a man’s character from so far away when he’s an indoor cat, until I heard the man beating his dog one day. Then I realized my cat, who sits in that window observing the people coming and going every day, might be more aware of the sociopaths in the neighborhood than I am.

We love animals for several reasons. For one thing they give us unconditional love when we treat them right. And two, we can often see their intelligence when we look into their eyes. I think God created animals with intelligence and He meant for us to communicate with them, but sin has distorted what God meant to be a reality. Despite the fall, we find reminders and signs of intelligent life in the animal kingdom. Many pet owners can tell stories about their dog or cat or horse or bird who communicates with them. Even while I’m typing as I write this, my cat Kitteh came up to wave her paw alongside the table where I am typing, telling me to get out the laser so she can chase it.

Many narcissists don’t like animals or only like them when they can use them. Animals can be used for affection like narcissistic feed, but often they are quickly disposed of when the narc is annoyed with them. The ACON* forums are full of stories from people whose narc parent abused animals. This might be because the spectrum of narcissism includes sociopaths who have no conscience.

Our animal friends lead the way to more healing both through their unconditional love and through example. A couple of animals that help us ACONs to live better life stories are giraffes and elephants. Dr. Karyl McBride who wrote the book “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers,” describes how a tall giraffe is able to look over the landscape and see beyond the horizon. She says ACONs should be able to stand tall above the insanity in our families.

When we see the bigger picture, we can afford to take our time to answer a question or not answer at all. We can afford to speak the truth because we are not bound to the narrow minded view of the narcissist. And while many of us have had to deal with flying monkeys remember the monkeys might fly but they are programmed much like a drone and do not think for themselves. What sets the giraffe apart is that she can see far and wide and overlook all the drama below.

I love Dr. McBride’s idea so much that I began to picture a tall giraffe standing in her dignity. I also thought of the little child inside of each of us that needs to be set free from the oppression of growing up with a parent who paid more attention to their needs and whims than ours. I combined these two pictures into a piece of art I named, “Giraffe Girl.” I put McBride’s quote on it because it has such deep meaning for me. What ACON has not struggled to speak the truth? The gentle and wise giraffe gives us permission to stand tall in our dignity and speak the truth.

Giraffe Girl, cherilynclough.com, http://www.redbubble.com/people/littlered7/works/13707419-giraffe-girl?asc=u&c=541752-inner-child

Prints, Pillows and Cards Available Here

The second animal that applies to ACONs is the elephant. They say an elephant never forgets. I have heard many wonderful stories about elephants. One was about a missionary doctor who treated the wound of an elephant for days until she was healed. When she went home she didn’t see him anymore, but one day her owner came by the doctor’s clinic and stopped by to say hello. The elephant had tears running down her face to see her healer once again. Another man was called “The Elephant Whisperer,” and made a refuge for elephants. When he died, all the elephants for miles around and came and stood outside the compound where his body lay to pay their respects. No one brought them to the gate, they came on their own out of some unknown intelligence we humans do not have.

Because an elephant never forgets, she reminds us that it’s okay for us to remember. Many ACONs tell me that a rule in their family of origin was to forgive and forget. Often an abuser wants us to forget because they don’t want us to tell anyone what happened. Of course we know we are only as sic as our secrets. Remembering allows us to sift the good from the bad and to forgive because we can’t forgive what we can’t remember. Remembering teaches us who to trust, Remembering allows us to trust our gut. Remembering allows us to heal from the good we can glean out of our messy life stories. Remembering enables us to find our way home.

When I was a child, I was told I have an elephant’s memory. As I got older, my elephant memory was appreciated less and less. I was accused of living in the past or not forgiving, but I was doing neither. I just had to acknowledge what happened in the past so I could move forward to the present. Remembering allows us to live our best life possible. This inspired me to make a second piece of art I call “Elephant Girl.”

Elephant Girl, CherilynClough.com, http://www.redbubble.com/people/littlered7/works/13518803-elephant-girl-inner-child?asc=u&c=541752-inner-child

Tote and Prints Available Here

So remember like an elephant and stand tall like a giraffe—it’ll drive the flying monkeys crazy.**

*ACON–Adult Children of Narcissists

**For a reminder, you can find these pieces of art in several forms in my shop from prints and pillows to totes and phone cases. You can also find this art in card form. Everyone should be able to afford art—especially art that can change your life.

Little Red’s Mother’s Day 20% Off Sale

30 Apr

Amie wants to sing with a band, Kara is finishing her first novel and Zoey dreams about starting her own art business. One has a house full of teenagers, another is care-taking for her aging parents and one just had her first child. Each of these women has so many family responsibilities that she feels she needs to put her dreams on hold. Maybe you can relate.

This month as we celebrate Mother’s Day it is important to acknowledge the true mothers who give more than they take, the non-narcissists who have empathy for their children and parents. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them the gift of permission with a colorful reminder that it’s okay to follow their passion? To tell them—It’s okay to take care of yourself because self–care is NOT selfish.

Self Care is Not Selfish Tote, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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Remind them—It’s okay to write the truth and let your voice be heard.

Write the Truth, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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Encourage their intuition—It’s good to trust your gut when pursuing a new path.

Trust Your Gut Phone Case, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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And make sure they know it’s okay to ignore the flying monkeys along the way.


Flying Monkey Cards, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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Allow them to shine

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And make art with the pieces with their one, unique and precious life.

Make Art With the Pieces Tote, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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Then thank them for being brave.

Be Brave Pillow, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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Everyone deserves to Breathe—especially the thoughtful, empathetic, Mothers
and the special adopted moms in your life.
And while you are thinking of others,
don’t forget to do a little breathing and dreaming for yourself.

Little Red Breathe, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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 For all the moms out there who are juggling so many things
day and night to serve your family,
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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Breathe Gratitude, Little Red Survivor Art, Cherilyn Clough

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There’s never been a better time
to follow your dreams!

Valentine’s Love Give-Away

8 Feb

Hi ACON Friends!

Over the last year my blog readership has quadrupled and I owe it all to my readers. I am just as grateful for every like and comment as I am for each sale in my Etsy shop. THANK YOU!

To say Thank you I have decided to do some giveaways this week for Valentine’s Day, because you all deserve the love!

Every piece of art and product I carry was designed to help you as an ACONs or victim of abuse to celebrate the steps on your healing journey.

When I send you a prize from a giveaway, I’m excited to send it to you because I know these items are a reminder of how far you have come and they will inspire you to keep moving forward from survivor to thriver.

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So here is how to play the Valentine’s Feel the Love game–

Share this blog on FB or comment below on which is your favorite item from my Etsy shop and I will enter you into a drawing for an Everything Shapes Us Travel Mug just like the one above. The mug is ceramic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. It was made at Red Bubble so you know it is a quality mug and it’s also worth $32. I will make a drawing for everyone who shares this post or comments below telling me what their favorite thing is in my etsy shop. To find the shop just click on the picture. You have until 6:00 PM Tuesday, February 10 for this drawing. I also have some flash drawings on FB, so check in on the Little Red Survivor FB page to win cards, a print, a Kitteh tote and some other cool stuff.

Have a great week and remember love is not love until it’s given away. However, at the same time remember love deserves to be reciprocated in a healthy relationship, so don’t pour all your love into someone who refuses to give back–You are worth a reciprocal love relationship!

Happy Love Week!

Valentine’s Flash Sale–10% Through the 10th

5 Feb

Hey ACON Friends,

I’ve been working hard on some products just for you! I’ve made art that speaks to my soul because it’s hard to find good Narc ammunition.

So if you are looking for a novel gift for your self or the special survivors in your life, if you act soon you might still get something delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever just wanted a Flying Monkey Pillow
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Flying Monkeys Green PillowOr perhaps you need a No Contact Travel Mug
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no contact Mug

Have you ever gone on a trip with narc
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Trust Your Gut ToteOr perhaps you, like most of us ACONS,
just need permission to Speak the Truth–
even when your voice shakes.

Speak the Truth PillowLet’s honor the words of Maya Angelou:

My mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion,
some compassion,
some humor, and some style.

Shine Flower Tote

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