How to Survive Mourning the Living Dead

What would you do if I invited you to a funeral without a casket? You’d probably assume the dead had been cremated, right? But what if I told you they were still alive? You might even think of calling the police because you’re afraid I’m going to “off” somebody Godfather style. Of course, if you... Continue Reading →

If My Wounds Were Visible

For narcissistic abuse awareness, survivors have been asked to use the words, “If my wounds were visible…” to tell how our lives might have been different. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash When I was seven years old and all the letters had finally come together, I was reading my paper in church when my father... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Feed

Since she was a little girl, Hazel was taught give everything she had to others. If she didn't do this, she was called selfish and she felt ashamed to be selfish, so she gave everything away until she was broke in heart, broken in spirit and broke at the bank. What Hazel didn't realize was her narcissistic... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Good, Even When it’s Bad

Not gonna lie, Mother’s Day was hard. You see, I don’t hate my parents. They aren’t monsters, but they broke our bond when they lied about me. My parents haven’t treated me like a friend for most of a decade now. I wish it wasn’t true. I wish I could go visit them on every... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Mothers vs. Loving Mothers

It's hard to know what to do. Even when our mothers hurt us, many of us still love them, but sometimes it's not safe to hang out with them. The cutting remarks and putdowns of a narcissistic mother wouldn’t look very pretty on a card and yet, toxic mothers expect their children to make a pretty... Continue Reading →

Narc Family Drama

Angela's mother hates her husband. She hates the way Angela dresses too. And oh, she also hates Angela's friends. Angela can’t remember when her mother liked anything she did. And Angela gets sick every time the holidays come around because she knows all the stress it will bring up between her mom and her husband. This situation... Continue Reading →

Why Going No Contact With a Narcissist is Necessary

Talia had enough. Her abuser wasn't sorry for the past and continued to verbally abuse her. It didn't matter that he was a relative.  For her own peace of mind, she had to go "No Contact." Talia had was getting migraines. Her headaches started when she decided to confront her abuser. When she realized he... Continue Reading →

Five Ways the Narcissist Might Confuse You About Love

Emy grew up with a narcissistic parent,  and feels there is a love deficit in her heart. No matter how many people love her, she still feels unloved. Her best friend Mary keeps saying she should practice self-love so she can open her spirit up to the love that’s already around her. In theory, Emy knows... Continue Reading →

Got Respect?

Tessa was an accomplished chef and wonderful hostess, but her sisters in law and mother in law did not appreciate her. They simply believed her husband should have married someone else. No matter how beautifully she set the table or how delicious the food, the conversation with her in-laws was always strained. No one complimented... Continue Reading →

How to Plan a Narcissist Free Holiday

Beth wants the impossible. She wants a nice family dinner with sharks. No, I’m not talking about a shark diving expedition, I'm referring to the feeding frenzy of triangulation and gossip that surrounds every family gathering in her family of origin. Last year's dinner was ruined by the narcissist grilling her about her engagement to... Continue Reading →

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