Healing from Hidden Abuse Book Review

It's not the load that breaks us down--heaven knows if we could see it all at once we might just shift our hips and find a better way to carry it--no, it's the shrapnel of life that keeps turning up in our relationships or the gloom we feel when we’re alone due to the painful... Continue Reading →

Go Where You are Celebrated

When Kylie found the love of her life her mother warned her he was not the kind of man she had envisioned her daughter marrying. She predicted they would be divorced in seven years. Kylie's mother was wrong. Kylie’s mother is not the kind that celebrates her daughter’s accomplishments. When Kylie decided to go to... Continue Reading →

‘Twas the Night Before Freedom

'Twas the night before Freedom, when all through the house, siblings were arriving each bringing their spouse. Memos had been sent to the family with care in hopes Flying Monkeys would become more aware. The Golden child was gleeful, while others felt dread 'cause visions of inheritance spun in her head. The Scapegoat with coffee, sat... Continue Reading →

It’s Not You, It’s the Narc

When Allie met Josh, he told her she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met and Allie believed him. For the first time in her life she felt appreciated, but her joy didn't last very long. As an ACoN* growing up with a negligent Narc father who barely noticed her, she thought she'd finally... Continue Reading →

Why Gray Rock Beats Paper

At the last family dinner there was a big blow up. When Ann got home, she pulled out a piece of paper to write her mother a letter, but what she didn't realize is that gray rock always beats paper. Even though she poured out her heart on paper, Ann got no response--not a phone call,... Continue Reading →

If You Give a Narc an Apology

If you give a Narc an apology, he'll want some groveling to go with it.  He’ll say you owe him and ask you to pick up the pieces for all the messes he’s made. When you refuse to pick up his messes, he will accuse you of things you've never done. You’ll try to set the record straight,... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Word Salad

When I was a kid we used to sing "the salad song." It was a song made up of random phrases from several songs strung together. If you start a song and someone else wanted to sing the salad song, you could end up singing a different song altogether because once the salad song gets... Continue Reading →

Narc Shunning vs. No Contact

Narc Shunning and No Contact might look a lot alike, but there's a big difference. While narc shunning and no contact might look the same, they happen for entirely different reasons depending on the motivation of the person who does it. While narc shunning is an act of manipulation by the narcissist, no contact is an... Continue Reading →

For Children Who Were Broken

For children who were broken It is very hard to mend... Our pain was rarely spoken And we hid the truth from friends. Our parents said they loved us, But they didn't act that way. They broke our hearts and stole our worth, With the things that they would say. We wanted them to love... Continue Reading →

Lessons From Little Red Riding Hood

Skipping along the path of life, Little Red’s heart was full of joy as she whistled with the birds and inhaled the fragrance of the wildflowers on the way to her grandmother's house.  Her mother had warned her not to dally, but it was such a glorious day she couldn’t help but stop to pick... Continue Reading →

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