Forgive or Forget?

No one likes a grudge holder. The old phrase, "Forgive and forget" has been used to insinuate we haven't forgiven  if we haven't forgotten, but that's not always true. While forgetting seems like a beautiful concept in theory, it can only happen healthfully when an abuser acknowledges what they have done. Consider some situations where... Continue Reading →

How Forgiveness Could Set You Free

Forgiveness is often a controversial subject among survivors, and while I don't think anyone can tell another when to forgive, forgiveness is not always what we've thought it was. Here is a guest blog by my dear friend Amelia Ponder who is both a survivor and a therapist. A quote from Google: Psychologists generally define forgiveness... Continue Reading →

Walking Away with Jesus

They were walking away. Done. The church as they knew it had let them down and now after the events of the weekend, they were through. It was hard to accept, and at first, it had been difficult to imagine, but now that Jesus was dead, they had no choice but to walk away. With... Continue Reading →

Dark Sabbath

Were your plans and dreams ever destroyed by a single event? I wonder how it felt to the friends of Jesus the day after he died. It sounds weird to say, "Jesus is dead."  But for one day that was reality. Friday was a dark day and the world’s profound grief must’ve been palpable, but... Continue Reading →

Losing Religion to Find the Way

"It's all very delicate, your fragile house of lies, it could collapse at any moment." -Sarah, The Path  The Path is a TV show on Hulu about a cult which has some strong comparisons to Christianity. The followers of “The Path” believe they are choosing a higher existence and each person is ascending a ladder... Continue Reading →

How Male Headship Feeds Narcissism

Jim believes God ordained him as the male leader to control his family. He's married to a woman who had children before they were together and it's been a struggle for him to allow them to be themselves. He feels it's his religious duty to police them. His efforts include locking the kitchen after bedtime in case the... Continue Reading →

Imagine There’s No Haters

During my growing up years, my parents never allowed me to listen to "worldly" music. When I caught strains of songs like, "Happy Xmas, the War is Over" and "Imagine," at the mall or in the grocery store, I was mesmerized by Lennon’s genius words and music about people and love. To this people loving... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Should Watch the Shack

Isn't The Shack just a made up story? Yes. Is it even based on biblical facts? Yes, in some ways, but I like to think of it as an allegory. Pilgrim's Progress wasn't a true story either. But wait, God is a man and not a woman, right? Well, who of us has seen God? These... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Gravel Review

There's no place like home unless it's a shanty reeking of mice droppings without indoor plumbing and hot showers and there are live wires hidden everywhere. The house Ruth Wariner grew up in was more like a booby trap than a home. Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash Located in the village of Colonia LeBaron,... Continue Reading →

Ezer Rising: the Story of Woman

In the beginning, God created Man, but Man was not all that and even though God created Man with perfection, something was missing--Man wasn't whole. The Genesis poem says God looked at Adam and said, "It's not good for Man to be alone." So God put Man to sleep and took a rib out of him to form... Continue Reading →

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