Why I Had to Write My Memoir — Even if it Makes Some People Mad

A memoir is conceived when the truth can no longer be ignored. The erasure of truth started decades ago in my childhood — one little lie at a time. I’ve always been aware of these lies, but the price of admittance to the family circle was to keep my mouth shut and not rock the... Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Let the Narcissist Shut You Up

As soon as you start to tell the truth about what happened to you, it seems like the entire universe starts to work against you. But if you pay close attention, it’s not the universe; it’s the narcissist. It just seems like the universe because she keeps recruiting more and more flying monkeys to attack you. Remember... Continue Reading →

Skip the Rant and Make it a Story

One of the biggest reasons we write memoir is to tell our stories, but good memoir not only tells a story, but describes the journey the author has been on which might include their own faults along with the people who might have abused them. When I read so-called memoirs that simply go on and on... Continue Reading →

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