To engage with our whole heart
is the highest state of being
and the best way to differentiate
cover from lover,
spies from disguise,
and truth from mirage and camouflage.

Wholehearted can be warmhearted,
soft hearted–even brokenhearted
but it can never be half-hearted.
We cannot love without being wholehearted.
Anything less is not love.


There are people who discourage
wholeheartedness, they say–

“Grow up and forget the past.”
“Don’t show your vulnerability.”
“Hide your cards and your stories.”
They call us “too sensitive” and accuse us
of wearing our hearts on our sleeve.
If we value authentic relationship
we must ignore these voices.

By its very nature,
wholeheartedness dissipates
the lukewarm, complacent and mediocre
which God spits out of His mouth.

To become wholehearted is to be like God.
Jesus is the epitome of wholehearted.
He reveals what wholehearted relationships
look like by entering into His creation,
calling us His friends,
washing our feet,
dying for us
and forgiving us–
even when we failed to ask for it.

We lost our wholeheartedness
when we broke community with God
and we’ve been trying
to find our way home ever since.
That’s why we keep chasing Eden–
we want our wholeheartedness back.

We won’t be fit for love
as long as we continue to protect self
in a survival of the fittest mentality.

When we allow our shame to control us
and we refuse to take responsibility
for the way we’ve treated God and each other,
we will always lose a part of our hearts.

We can try to stop our misery
through all kinds of addictions
but it’s impossible to numb our pain
and still experience joy.

If we want to be wholehearted,
we will need to face the truth because
it takes courage to recover our hearts.

The root word for courage in Latin
is cor which means heart.
At one time the word courage meant
“Telling your story with your whole heart.”
Sharing our stories brings an exchange
of compassion and connection
which engages the whole heart.

Returning to our original state of nakedness
and taking off the masks,
allows us to come out of the bushes
and take responsibility for our lives.

As we internalize God’s wholehearted love,
we no longer need
to use our power over others
because wholehearted love
is the greatest force in the universe.

As we learn to live wholeheartedly
we will discover freedom
and thrive in a community
of authentic connection.
Then each of us can bring our
wholehearted selves to the table
where we will grow together
in other-centered love.
This is the family God designed for us.

Without wholehearted living–we’ve got nothing.


What do you think?

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