Afraid of Jesus Coming?

When I was a kid, I hated sermons about Jesus coming.
I grew up in a church where people
loved to talk about Jesus coming,
but it didn’t give me any peace.

scared of Jesus coming, fear, plagues, apocalypse, end of the world,

Even as an adult, I got a creepy feeling whenever the subject came up and it’s taken me years to figure out why.

I was scared of Jesus coming because–

1. Jesus Didn’t Always Seem Like a Friend
I wasn’t convinced Jesus could be trusted. I imagined Jesus was the nice guy who saves me from the Father, but then again He seems to be pretty tight with the Father. If the main focus of Jesus coming is to judge me, then He didn’t seemed like any friend of mine. I grew up with critical, judgmental parents and because they were the ones who threatened me with Jesus coming, I figured Jesus had the same attitude. Maybe that was because–

2. People Used His Coming to Manipulate Me 
Whenever I was unhappy with my living situation or our constantly moving lifestyle (we moved over 40 times in 20 years), they would say, “Look at the headlines. Jesus is coming soon and we have to get our lives in order. It could happen anytime. We need to get all sin out of our lives.” As a young teenager, I shuddered at the thought of Jesus coming back to condemn me forever. Maybe that was because–

3. The Coming of Jesus Was Linked With Judgment
I was taught that God’s judgment is arbitrary and punitive. I imagined Jesus was like the adults I knew who if I didn’t do what they wanted either belted me or ignored me. The concept of Jesus coming back with unconditional love couldn’t enter my mind because I didn’t know what unconditional love looked like. And the judgment seemed like an extension of their critical spirit. Maybe that was because–

4. I was Worried About Standing Without an Intercessor
This always terrified me. I knew I was a sinner and had no chance without Jesus. But this whole scene is based on the misunderstanding that Jesus and the Father are NOT one. In one scenario I needed Jesus to beg the Father to protect me, so how would I live without His protection? Maybe that is because–

5. Being Ready For Jesus to Come Usually Ruined Relationships
We often lived in isolation because we judged those who lived in “apostasy.” This separated us from community (you can’t play with those kids, you can’t go to school, we can’t go to that church anymore because that pastor is no good.) They said I didn’t need an education because Jesus was going to come before I grew up. Relatives were deemed too lukewarm so we barely knew most of our family. No high school, no friends, no community just isolation and threats to get rid of sin before the big event. We lived as though we were between heaven and earth with nowhere to belong.

When I complained about being scared, I was told it was because my heart wasn’t ready (which usually meant I wasn’t doing what others wanted me to do.) With fear, manipulation and judgment all riding on this one event, you can imagine why I cringed whenever we sang, “Lift up the Trumpet and loud let it ring, Jesus is coming again!”  It felt we were like announcing, “Here comes Jesus and He’s gonna make you pay.” Who wants to sing about that?

In the last few years I have discovered Jesus is trustworthy. I’ve also learned the theology of my youth was not always the best interpretation of the Bible. I’m not scared of Jesus anymore, but just in case anyone else has been terrorized by arbitrary theological views, here are five reasons why we don’t have to be afraid–

1. Jesus is Coming Back as Our Friend
Do you worry when your friends come to visit? Me neither. Jesus is an amazing person–not only is He God, but He has decided to call us friends (John 15:15). Friends don’t come over to judge and terrorize, they come to hang out. Jesus is coming so we can hang out with Him for all eternity (John 14:4).

2. Jesus is Nicer Than Most Christians Make Him Out to Be
If God wanted to use His power to force us to behave, He could have done that before Eden, during Eden or after Eden. God could have wiped out the entire human race, but He didn’t. He is patient and not wanting any to perish (2 Peter 3:9).

3. God’s Judgment is NOT Vindictive or Arbitrary
Jesus says the Father leaves all the judging to Him–

The Father judges no one,
but has entrusted all judgment to the Son.
-John 5:22

Jesus says He did not come to judge–

As for the person who hears my words
but does not keep them,
I do not judge him.
For I did not come to judge the world,
but to save it.
-John 12:47

So who determines the judgment? We do–by how we judge God’s trustworthiness and respond to His requests–

Respect God, and give glory to him,
because the hour of HIS judgment has come.
-Revelation 14:7

Do we judge God to be trustworthy? Do we choose to live like Jesus taught us? How we judge God determines how we relate to God’s law of other centered love–which is His design for a happier life. If we trust God and obey Him, Jesus will cure us and replace our hearts of stone with hearts of love for God and other people. The judgment is simply a diagnosis of our condition.

4.  Jesus Will NEVER Leave Us
When Jesus says that He and the Father are one, He’s not lying.  Together they are pleading with all of us to be reconciled back to their love. Love makes all the difference in the world. We don’t have to afraid to stand without an intercessor because God has promised to never leave us (Heb 13:5).

Jesus ever lives to intercede (Heb. 7:25). There will come a time when intercession is no longer necessary, not because Jesus would ever stop, but because the choices of everyone on earth will have been finalized.

Once we are sealed with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 1:13) we will finally be cured of this sin disease. Our cure will never come through conforming our external behavior because God’s healing goes much deeper than performance. Our character will be healed when we learn to love everyone with other-centered love. When we allow Jesus to transform our selfish hearts into loving ones, we will no longer have any desire to serve self. We will be safe for heaven when Jesus has turned our hearts of stone into hearts of love (Eze. 36:26).

5. Jesus is Coming to Fix Everything Broken–Especially Broken Relationships
Jesus is coming to reunite us with loved ones, make the earth like new and do away with everything harmful and toxic. He is excited to come and give us eternal life. Jesus says–

I am making everything new!
And then he said to me,
“Write this down, for what I tell you
is trustworthy and true.”
-Revelation 21:5

There is nothing we will miss when this earth is over because the new life Jesus has planned supersedes our imagination–

No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived what
God has prepared for those who love him.”
-1 Corinthians 2:9

If being ready for Jesus to come is based on fear, then we’ll never be ready. Jesus doesn’t want us to be scared into a relationship with Him. This whole universal war between heaven and earth is based on God showing us that He is trustworthy.

If you are still feeling a little scared about Jesus coming, you can talk to Him like you would a friend and listen to what He has to say in the Bible. Jesus is not only a Friend worth having– but He is a Friend we never have to be scared of–not now and certainly not when He comes to take us home to hang out with Him forever.

When we realize Jesus is our Friend,
When we realize Jesus really cares about us personally,
When we realize God’s judgment is not vindictive or arbitrary,
When we realize Jesus will never leave us,
When we realize Jesus is coming back to fix everything that was broken–

We are no longer afraid, we can look forward to Jesus coming with joy.

And we can say with friends of Jesus everywhere–

Come soon, Friend Jesus!

84 thoughts on “Afraid of Jesus Coming?”

  1. i’m 12 years old and I’m very scared I wake up looking out the window because I think Jesus will come I’m so scared may you please help me.


  2. I have been struggling with not being scared of Jesus coming back and in ways I’m not, but at the same time I don’t want to leave this world, I know the bible says not to be conformed to this world but I can’t stop not wanting to leave this world, any advice? (I know this world stinks compared to New Jerusalem but i get paranoid thinking about it)

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  3. Hi Cody,
    Many people–including myself have felt the same way. It’s only human nature to trust what we know and let’s face it, it’s hard to imagine things we’ve never seen. And the Bible does say there will be wonderful things we have never imagined, but we have some clues about how good it might be because everything natural and good on this earth originated with God.

    This earth made new will eventually be our home. So every amazing waterfall and delicious fruit or colorful bird will either be in the earth made new or a better version will be there. The same thing goes for our pets. The truth is there is nothing so good here that it won’t be better without sin and pain and death.

    The Bible says we will build houses and inhabit them and I imagine we will have gardens and God will still have winter sports and summer sports along with space travel and art and music and lots of other amazing things to do with our time. And we will be reunited with our friends. It won’t be boring at all—just safer without pain, sickness and death. It’s okay to enjoy life on this earth as long as it doesn’t take away our love for God and other people.

    We are told in the Bible to even make houses and inhabit this earth. And Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble. But when all is said and done, if we live long enough in this world, we will experience pain and ruin and feel sad when our friends and family get sick and die. It gives me great comfort to know we can all have an amazing and beautiful life beyond this one.

    Remember Jesus gave us this world for now, He wants us to live our lives in anticipation of all the fun He has planned, but to love everyone we can into His kingdom while we are here so more people can live with God for eternity.

    I hope this helps a little,



  4. I’m 16 years old and I’ve felt the same way. Last year in 2014 people, even my parents kept talking about the second coming of Christ, especially because a lot of bad things are talked about on the news. I was so scared I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t find a way to feel happy. I always felt guilty all the time and I got annoyed with people saying that this is the last of the last days that Jesus is coming back. It’s 2015 and I feel a lot better but still people are saying Jesus will come back and there are a lot of you tube videos that I see where people are saying that they have dreams and that we are literally in the end times. When I saw this I then started to feel scared, sometimes even annoyed. I also wonder did people ever talk about this in the 60’s or before this year? but part of me does feel good about the second coming.

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  5. Thank you for sharing Martin. I believe knowing Jesus–not the version of him that people preach at us, but really knowing him for who he is when we read the gospels allows his perfect love to take away our fear. May he fill you with peace!


  6. Thank you for sharing this for post for all the “Christphers” across the age spectrum. This is a most agreeable way to share the truth of why Jesus wants to be with us. Thank you!

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  7. This is one of the best articles I have ever read!! I came across it when searching for ways to help my 9 year old son not be afraid of Jesus’s coming. We were discussing the blood moon this evening with the older children and when it was bed time my son was crying and I asked why. He said he’s not ready for Jesus to come and was honestly very frightened…almost panicky! This lead into some discussion but I was honestly at a loss for words…who is afraid of heaven and why?! What have I said or done to scare him?! Well again this article meant a lot to me! Thanks for sharing!!

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  8. I’m a 16 year old girl. And I was so scared of Jesus coming back. Of judgement day. Because often times I felt like I was only trying to get closer to God and whatnot, just so I wouldn’t have to go to Hell. And I realized that’s very selfish of me. After praying to God this afternoon for the longest time.. and reading the Bible.. and reading up on all of this.. and what you had to say.. it makes me less scared. It makes me feel as if a burden has been lifted off my chest. I want a clear heart and a clear mind for God to be apart of. And I believe I’m getting there slowly but surely. All I know now is that I want to be and feel okay. And I want to know that God is apart of my life. And that I believe in him. And Jesus. And all of this for the right reasons.

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  9. Hi Amber,
    It warms my heart to know you are finding peace. I was once like you, afraid and scared of God until I realized Jesus said He and the Father are one. Now that I know they have the same mindset and character I can trust Jesus and the Father. The best thing we can do is live in harmony with God’s law of love. It’s really that simple. God bless you! 🙂


  10. Hello, do you think Jesus will come back to Me? I sinned against Him… I think there was one time in my life that I rejected Him. I was under oppression, I think… Then after I did that, the oppression stopped. Now I am afraid of God. I am not it peace. I need Him… I can’t do anything without Him. Thank you.

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  11. Hi Jill,

    Yes, if your heart wants to know Jesus and be friends with him, he will most certainly come for you! 🙂

    How do I know this without even knowing what you have done? I don’t need to know what you have done, I just know Jesus and his character.

    Think of Mary Magdalene in the Bible who sinned seven times and came back to Jesus and He forgave her over and over. Jesus taught us to forgive 70×7 and if he didn’t forgive us, he would be a hypocrite.

    The Bible says our sins separate us from God, but not because God is holding out on us, but because the more we sin, the less we want to know and be in harmony with God.

    Even the worst sinners don’t have to be afraid of God, what we all need to fear is sin. God is the Life-giver but sin destroys our lives. Look at the way God uses his power–he came to live among us as a baby and died at the hands of his created beings. We have nothing to fear from a God like that and everything to gain from trusting him because he truly is trustworthy.

    Your post reveals that you want reconciliation with Jesus and Jesus says whoever comes to him, he will never cast out. So call on Him, pour out your heart to him as you would a friend. Jesus is your best friend, who always loves you unconditionally and forgives for everything you have ever done. He always has your best interest at heart.

    Jesus has promised to give you his peace. It might not come immediately, but keep asking and trusting and it will come!

    Thank you for stopping by and please message me if you have more questions.



  12. I don’t know how it began but my fear of Jesus coming has made me so paranoid I been trying to read the bible and I know its more than just reading the bible I’m so scared about the world we living in right now that I even feel like I’m already to late I will be the left behind I really love God but I know I’m so scared of God and I really want you to pray for me because like I always say to myself I was born with Jesus I want to die with him in my heart but I need to change my heart I want to see a cloud and feel joy not fear

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  13. Hi Pamela,

    You are so right in saying it is more than reading the Bible, sadly, some of the fear we have had about God came from people who read the Bible and choose to see only what they wanted to see and passed on lies about God to other people.

    It is not about reading the Bible as much as getting to know Jesus the person through the Bible. 1 John 4:18 tells is that perfect love casts out out fear. And the only perfect love I know is Jesus. I Corinthians 13 is called the love chapter, but it is even more than a beautiful passage to read at a wedding–it is a revealing of God’s character. For a comforting exercise, try reading it and substituting the word Jesus for the word love. Jesus is patient, Jesus is kind, Jesus envies no one, etc. This is the character of Jesus and the best way to not be afraid of Jesus is to know him. All love originated with God because God is love.

    If you live in harmony with God’s love and treat other people as you would like to be treated, you never have to be afraid of being left behind. Remember the sheep and the goats, Jesus defined the people he knows by how they love other people. It is very easy to listen to the lies of God’s enemy and sometimes this comes through our abusers, but when we use the Bible to refute those lies, we discover we are indeed cherished and the beloved of Jesus. I think you have inspired me to write more about this in a future blog,s o keep watching.

    I care, so please write me with more questions if you have them. Meanwhile I would like to pray for you.

    Dear Jesus,
    You have heard Pamela’s heart cries even the words she cannot say out loud, your Spirit will interprets and soothe her in your name. I pray that she will learn more about your character so she can fully trust you and know that she is your cherished child forever and you would never leave her behind. Rebuke the lies of the enemy so she can hear your voice and know you and follow you. Amen.

    I will keep you in prayer this week, Pamela!

    Peace and freedom (the peace and freedom that can only come from God) to you!



  14. Pray for me I’m scared because that maybe I won’t be with God I want to I want to go to heaven and be with him but I just don’t k o why but I get scared of it when I see people say he coming back I would rather die and then go with him not be here as a human and he come back and maybe leave me with Satan

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  15. Hi Kalil,

    Okay here is something that might help you. God gave you and everyone else in this world freedom of choice. That means God won’t push himself on you, but lets you decide if you want to live according to his law of love where you treat others as you would like to be treated.

    In the same way God gives you freedom and won’t force himself on you, he won’t let Satan force himself on you either. The bottom line about God is that he always, always honors your choices so if you don’t want Satan in your life, God won’t let Satan force himself on you.

    You might know religious people who gave you lots of rules and tell you that you have to do all these things to be saved. The secret is love. The ten commandments are all about love–Jesus explained the first four commandments are about love to God and the last six are about love to our fellow human beings.

    Jesus makes salvation more simple than people do–He simply says to live our lives in other-centered love. Also did you know the root word for salvation is salvo which also means healing? This is what God wants to do is heal all of us from this selfish sin condition.

    Love is the answer and the opposite of selfishness, but how do we know how to love? Look at Jesus and how he loved! The four gospels are great reading. They show us how Jesus treated sinners and outcasts and the way he treated them is exactly how he treats us when we sin or feel shut out. As a matter of fact, you are never alone. Jesus is always with you, looking out for you and loving and forgiving you.

    This is what it means in 1 John 4:18-19, when it says perfect love takes away our fear. This perfect love is the love we see in Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want to surprise you or scare you, he wants to heal you! He loves you! No matter what you have done or who you are, you are important to to Jesus!

    Read about him, talk to him and follow him and you will never have to be afraid again friend!

    Peace and blessings on you!



  16. Hi,,,am also going through a lot of paranoia on the coming of Jesus such that i have fallen away from the Word of God.I even keep having nightmares,i got so scared that i ended up trying not to think of it,or even read the Bible or pray.It has gotten to a point where i wish all that is in the Bible was all fiction,but i know deep down that it is the Truth.Please help me on how to get rid of this,i often miss the word of God but its difficult for me to go back and read it.Please help..

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  17. Dear Me233,

    If only you knew how much Jesus loves you and has good plans for you! God is not the way some people have made him out to be. He will always honor your choice. How do we know this? Look around at all the evil in this world. If God was out to punish evil doers, they would all be dead right now. But instead, he allows all of our choices to play out. No matter what we have done if we choose to follow Jesus, we have nothing to fear from God.

    Sometimes people fear Jesus coming because it has been taught with judgment because the Bible says he is coming back with everyone’s reward. Try to think of a doctor looking at a patients chart. He will make a diagnosis but the doctor doesn’t try to harm the patient. When he says heart disease or cancer, it’s not because the doctor made them sick, the doctor sees the disease and then decided how to treat it.

    When Jesus comes back the judgment will be like the doctor making a diagnosis. In Revelation it says, he will say he who is filthy will be filthy still and he who is clean will be clean still. This is to say all of us will have made our choices by that time to follow Jesus or reject him. If you choose to know Jesus and follow him in unselfish living and caring for other people, you will have nothing to fear when Jesus comes. Remember Jesus says, “They will know you are my friends if you have love for each other.”

    And John (who walked and ate with Jesus) says perfect love will cast out all of our fear. well Jesus is that perfect love! Read the gospels and get to know Jesus and you will never be scared again!

    Peace and freedom to you!



  18. He will be back within 10 years. Wish it was sooner. This world is so broken. I used to believe the lie of evolution and lived like the advanced chimp I thought I was. About 6 months ago I read the bible for the first time and it felt so true and convicted me of my sinful nature and former unbelief. I switched my worldly hippy view much more to the biblical view and am disgusted at both my former life and this appalling world of lies,violence and inequality. Don’t know if my former secular views will be forgiven but I know the saviour will make the world a better place whether I am in it or not. PS Obama is white horse of revelation 6:2. Resist the mark….it’s coming

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  19. Hi Al,
    It’s good news that you have discovered the beauty of Jesus! It does seem like Jesus could come sooner than ever, but as a child whose parents refused me an education because Jesus was coming, I am very cautious about setting even vague dates. We just don’t really know. Jesus says even the angels in heaven don’t know.
    You have the right to believe what you want, but I also don’t believe Obama is the fulfillment of the white horse–besides in a couple months he will be a low player in the world scene. As for Revelation, I’ve heard many theories on that. Here is a website by some friends of mine about God which has lots of teachings about Revelation.
    Meanwhile I would like to reassure you about God forgiving your past. Of course He will! God’s number one goal is for all of us who are willing to be in heaven.
    The majority of Christians teach religion through what is called a Roman law construct. It was not in the Bible, but is actually the result of mistranslations and misunderstandings about God based on what some people thought in the dark ages. In this view God is out to punish those who sin.
    I embrace the healing model which is found throughout the Bible and explains how instead of punishing us for sinning, God wants to heal and transform our hearts from the sinners we were to those who are living in peace and love and harmony with God. When this healing takes place we are then safe to live with God and others throughout eternity.

    The Bible says our sins are forgiven and thrown in the sea. The minute you chose to walk with God, you began to heal and become a safer person. We are all a work in progress and we may never stop sinning entirely, but we will love God and others better and better as we grow in a relationship with Jesus.

    Peace and freedom to you!


  20. Hello, in the past week I have had the Second Coming on my mind a lot. In fact, just yesterday, a story popped up of a burnt Bible page foretelling the Second Coming that was found in the Tennessee wildfires. I am very scared about Jesus’s coming and can’t relax. I am losing sleep over it and terrified and can’t seem to shake it off. I am scared about the moment he appears and how terrifying it will be. I know the bible talks about the world mourning when Jesus appears and I am scared for that moment he appears and if it will be scary. I also am worried I will not be worthy enough to make into heaven. I want to view the Father and the Son as loving, but I am scared. I try and pray, but sometimes I don’t feel like they are effective. I hope that all makes sense and you could help me.

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  21. Hi Joe,

    You said the earth will mourn when Jesus comes. I am thinking you are referring to Matthew 24:30.
    The next verse says this:
    “And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.” (Matt. 24:31)
    His elect means his chosen ones or those who choose Jesus. For those who love Jesus there will be no fear or mourning. For these people, seeing Jesus is like seeing a friend. When your friends come over do you mourn?
    I think a lot of people think of God’s power and confuse him with a bully. But look at how Jesus used his power.
    Jesus came as a baby needing humans to take care of him. And even though he did lots of miracles (and they were good miracles nothing mean or tricky) he still let humans beat him and kill him. If you want to see how God uses his power, look at the cross. The Father didn’t kill Jesus–people killed Jesus!
    The Father was hidden–only so Jesus could go through baring our sins and being alone so he could conquer sin and death. He did this for you–not to you! Jesus doesn’t kill people and if you read the Sermon on the Mount where he tells us to love our enemies that is how God is! God would be the biggest hypocrite of all if he said forgive seventy times seven and then didn’t forgive us! And even in the cross, Jesus said, “Father forgive them–for they know not what they do!”
    So if God forgives, why will the earth mourn? Because even though God forgives, there will be evil people who do not forgive and don’t care if God forgives. These people are so selfish and damaged by sin that they only care about themselves. They abuse other people. They hate instead of love. They mourn because they are so out of harmony with God’s loving ways that they can’t stand him.
    There will be two groups of people watching Jesus come–those who love God and others, and those who hate. When Jesus sets up his kingdom on earth, it will be a kingdom of love and there will be no more hate or selfishness.
    The haters will by their own choice choose death over life because they don’t want to let go of their vengeance and hate. But those who love others will be relieved to see Jesus come. If you are more of a lover than a hater, you will have no reason to fear meeting Jesus.
    If you want to know what Jesus’s kingdom will look like, read the gospels. The more you know what Jesus is like, the less you will be afraid. When Jesus went back to heaven, he didn’t change his character. The angels told his disciples, “This SAME Jesus will return.” So unless you are afraid of Jesus making people walk and see again and feeding thousands, you won’t find any reason to be afraid. The secret is to know Jesus and love people like he does.
    None of us are worthy of heaven, that’s why we are grateful for God’s grace. God’s grace is why Jesus died to show us how to love and live better lives. When we mess up, we ask forgiveness and do our best, the good news is we are loved dearly by God and his grace covers us.

    In case you are scared of the Father–
    Jesus says
    “The Father and I are one.”
    “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”
    This means their characters are the same. He even said
    “The time will come when I no longer pray to the Father for you, because the Father himself loves you!”
    If you read the gospels and pray, your prayers will feel more effective because it will help you know if you are praying in harmony with God’s love.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  22. Hi,
    I’m honestly so scared and paranoid of the second coming. I have been reading the Bible, but I’m still scared. I’ve heard that only a few will get into heaven, while so many people will try to, and I’m scared that I won’t get in. I’m only 13, and I’m really terrified of the marks on people’s foreheads and the description of the second coming. I feel like I’ve made too much of a home out of this Earth, and I’ve gotten too used to it. I have drifted apart from God lately? And I don’t know how to come back to him, but I desperately want to. I have this paranoia that maybe I don’t love Jesus or other people enough, and I overthink. I can’t sleep at night because I think so much about it, and I’m so worried my past actions will block me from getting closer to God and heaven. Please pray for me. I need God’s peace.

    Thank you so much.

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  23. Hi Crystal,

    Something that makes all the stuff in Revelation so scary is that people take it literally which means just like it reads, but the beasts and the mark of the beast are not actual things, but word pictures. The mark of the Beast in the hand and the forehead have been determined by many scholars to say that the mark symbolizes what someone thinks in their head and does with their hands. So this might not be a physical mark but symbolizes the way we think and behave.

    That said, we don’t want to think like the beast. The beast uses power over other people. While Jesus doesn’t. In Philippians 2, Jesus is described as being the servant of all. This is the way to heaven to love and serve other people. If we choose to follow Jesus and treat other people with love and not use our power over them, we have nothing to be afraid of when Jesus comes. It will be like meeting a friend and going into a life with all kinds of cool things and loving people. It will be way better than going to Disney World. You will be able to fly and play with animals and learn new stuff in fun ways and no one will ever get sick or killed. Jesus is coming to rescue you from the sad things in this world, not hurt you!

    If you get to know Jesus better, it will help you be less scared. Read John or Mark or Luke or Matthew and think about what it might be to be a thirteen year old girl in the first century and listen to Jesus telling stories and making a miracle of bread and fishes to feed thousands from one kid’s lunch. Imagine how it was for Jairus’s daughter who died to wake up with Jesus holding her hand and telling her to get up and eat something.

    You are very precious to Jesus and as important to him as these kids in the Bible! He won’t abuse your or manipulate you. He simply loves you and wants to have a friendship with you. John who knew Jesus when he was a teenager says that the perfect love of Jesus takes away our fear. So whenever you are afraid read the 23rd Psalm and remember that Jesus is the good Shepherd or read the gospels and imagine yourself there.

    Dear Jesus,
    Please show Crystal that you are her friend and no one to be afraid of and that you have good plans for her life. Help her to sleep in peace knowing that you care about every detail about her even to counting the hairs on her head and that you sing over her when she is sleeping. Let her feel your love and know You as she reads the Bible. Amen.

    Blessings on you Crystal!

    Jesus loves you!



  24. Thank you for posting this, it’s really alleviating to see there are many people going through the same or similar situations. I’m 16 and my main fear I have is that I don’t think I’ve ever been taught what it means to be truly saved. When I think of what it would look like to be truly saved I almost imagine a Buddha like idea where you completely rebuke all earthly things and are some kind of Guru that can hear everything God is saying to you all the time. This scares me because I’m nowhere near that and I don’t know how to get there. I love some earthly things (like my family and my house etc) and I fear that that’s bad because what if I’m putting them above Jesus? I know what it feels like to love a friend or a parent or a really good book or something but I don’t have the same feeling towards Jesus or the Bible even though I really want to. Also is there any recommendations of certain chapters of the Bible I could read that speak on this issue? Thanks again for the blog post.

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  25. Hi August,

    You are definitely not alone, someone writes me about this every week lately and I used to feel this way myself so I am glad to help if I can.

    One thing that really helped me was to learn the Greek word Sozo which means salvation also means healing. If you can think of salvation like being healed or healthy it might help. No of us want to be sick, we want to be healthy and strong. Jesus came to take away our sickness of selfishness (all sin boils down to selfishness) and restore us to healthy loving.

    Jesus, as the Creator, created the family and relationships. Unless you are choosing to do evil in the form of loving your family, Jesus is happy for you to love them.

    Jesus is also NOT angry that you might not feel love for him like you do for your family. Love comes through knowing someone and as a young person growing up, you might not now Jesus all that much. Only by love is love awakened–that’s why Jesus came to live among us and die for us so we could realize His love. We can’t love him until we see him and what he has done and realize how much he loves us–so much that he did not come into the world to condemn us. (John 3:17) Jesus is not waiting to catch you in a crime, he is waiting for you to see that he has been here all along watching over your life and caring for you.

    The best way to love Jesus is to get to know him and that happens through reading the Bible and specifically I would say the gospels.

    Yes, Jesus wants you to be ready so he can take you to heaven, but he also wants to help you have the best life now while you are living on earth.

    When you read the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) Try to just read one story at a time and imagine yourself in that story seeing Jesus and hearing his words spoken into your life.

    Many people find it comforting to read just a story a day in the morning or before they go to bed and just ask Jesus to bless as they read. Jesus has no hidden agenda–he just wants to help you have a better life now and a wonderful magical life in the new earth!

    Jesus does not speak all his thoughts to us like the Budda example you stated. He gave us brains to reason and learn and study for ourselves and prayer is really a friendship with God.

    John 14-17 has some good passages about what Jesus dreams for his people, but you might find the stories quite interesting too. So Maybe just open up the book of Luke and start reading. Blessings on you!

    Peace and freedom always come through Jesus!



  26. I’m also feeling very scared lately, I hear god telling me that it can be any day now. The world is so different. I’m excited for his new heaven and Earth and I long to be with him, I want to be with him for eternity but I am terrified at the same time. Terrified mostly for my loved ones that choose not to follow and listen to him, because I know the path to Christ is more narrow then we think. I just don’t want to waste time and every night that I have I ask God to forgive me and help with anything that may be in the way. I’m just really scared, of not knowing what’s to come. How it can happen unexpectedly . I have a little more knowledge of that feeling having being pregnant and dealing with labor, but it’s so hard to be excited for something you aren’t prepared for or to know when it will exactly take place. I don’t want to look like the world to God, I don’t want to be attached to it. But this fear I have I don’t understand . I fear God in the way that I respect him and don’t want to do wrong. But I feel like this fear is different.


  27. Cherilyn Clough May God and our Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Your blog has definitely help with some fear that consumes me at times. I feel at peace when I think of the true loving nature of Jesus and or Father.


  28. Dear Fabian,

    I am so glad it was helpful for you! Yes, I find great peace meditating on Jesus and the Father and recognizing their great love for us.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  29. Hi Rebecca,
    I just saw this and I am sorry it took me so long to answer.
    When it comes seeing Jesus face to face—He is coming to bless us and take us to be with him forever in a safe place so we have nothing to fear about his coming—unless we don’t know him. And when we do know Jesus–really know his character, we will realize we have nothing to fear regardless of when this event takes place because to know God is to love him and his perfect love will cast out our fear.

    As for what time Jesus will come, my parents believed Jesus would come before I grew up so they didn’t allow me to have a high school education and that really hurt when I did grow up. I believe we can be ready for Jesus to come in our hearts while we continue living on this earth. Remember no one knows the day or the hour because Jesus said even the angels in heaven don’t know when he’s coming.
    As for the path being narrow, think about what Jesus taught and lived. Was it hard for sinners to eat and hang out with Jesus? No, it was easy. Jesus knew they were sinners but he loved them so much they were drawn to him. The narrow way is not some long list of requirements, but actually the way of other-centered love. The reason living out a life of other-centered love is so narrow is because we often want to be selfish. If you think about all of the ten commandments Jesus split them in two when he said “On these two hang all the law and the prophets—love to God (the first four commandments) and love to humans” (the last six commandments)(Matthew 22:40). Another time Jesus said “Love is the greatest commandment of all.”

    To look like the world is not so much about outward appearances like how you dress and what you say and do but how you treat God and other people. Do you love them with kindness and lover look their faults or do you criticize and condemn them if they don’t meet your standards? Many Christians think this is not looking like the world to wear certain clothes or eat certain foods and let others know about their high standards—this is not other-centered love, but acting full of pride like a Pharisee. This is not the narrow way but the way that Satan uses to confuse people so they will treat other people as less than themselves. If you want to be ready and show love to other people, then let go of external focus and focus on your heart and listen to the hearts of others. God cares about our hearts.

    It’s okay to encourage the people you love to know Jesus. The best way to be ready is to read about Jesus and know him and share that kind of love with others. You can’t fix other people or prepare them any more than being a good example of love to them. But remember this that God loves them even more than you do and he won’t arbitrarily come and let them die without giving them every chance to know him and get in harmony with his lifestyle of other-centered love.

    I hope this helps.
    May you feel Jesus’s love for you and other people!
    Peace and freedom to you!



  30. Hello my name is Michael I come from England and I have been having a few worries regarding Jesus returning, I believe in Jesus and in God and thank him everyday for my life that I lead I thank him in the good times and the bad , for my family and my friends, I pray daily for my family’s protection and health..but what is bothering me is that my family are good people they are generous loving and brought me up well.. They don’t go to church but I think they believe but I’m scared that when the time comes that if I do get to be on the new earth that I will be without my loved ones or vice versa because I’ve seen some people preach that unless they believe they won’t be which causes me some concern… Thanks for your time hope you can reply 👍

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  31. Hi Michael,

    Many of us who are Christians have had to rethink things that were just told to us and compare them to the words of Jesus to see if they make sense. One of the biggest lies I think the enemy sends us is that we can only be Christians if we have a membership in a certain church. Jesus didn’t talk about church membership, he told us to dwell in the vine and he said that he is the vine. To me, this means to live in harmony with what Jesus taught.

    Another thing is many people get quite concerned about the law and how others may or may not be keeping the law and they miss the whole point of Jesus teaching us that the law is love that the two great commandments are love to God and love for other people. Jesus even said the greatest commandment is love. When people talk about the law, I listen only if they are talking about how to love God and others because this is what Jesus taught.

    Another thing is “the narrow way” concept that Jesus taught. Some people think this means dressing a certain way or eating a certain way, but the narrow way is actually unselfishness. If we pick up our cross and follow Jesus, it means we will stop thinking of ourselves above others. This is truly a narrow way if you look around because very few people know how to love others with the unconditional love that Jesus taught us. We are told to have the mind of Jesus in Phil. 2.

    So then we have the fear of losing loved ones who don’t know Jesus. I used to be afraid for them too. I have learned that we cannot teach people anything unless they are ready to hear it and many times our family members don’t trust us. Remember when Jesus preached people in his hometown said, “Is this that Jesus we knew growing up? How can he have anything good to say?” The Bible says a prophet is not wanted in his hometown. Well a prophet is merely someone who speaks for God. We don’t see ourselves as special to speak for God and there are some who have specific and obvious gifts of prophecy, but when we speak for God, we need to remember this and realize God might need to send someone else to reach our loved ones. Sometimes family relationships are too mangled for us to trust each other.

    When you are worried about your loved ones, remember that Jesus loves them even more than you do. That Jesus is love and he will not come arbitrarily or randomly to shock them and then let them be lost. It’s true it will be a surprise to those who are not awake and don’t care, but if they are loving at all or have any capacity to be saved, Jesus will woo them and win them over to his side before he comes.

    These scary times in the world are a way to make people wake up and for some it will take more than others.

    I would keep loving them and praying for Jesus to reach them in ways you cannot. Jesus is beside you and he will not let you down.

    I hope this was helpful, if you have more questions please feel free to write back and I will look for verses and resources.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  32. Hi cherilyn I appreciate you taking the time to reply back it means a lot to me, I feel a lot more at ease that there is hope for my loved ones as I can’t believe that God would bless me with a loving family and then take them away from me to never see them again, but also when Jesus does return it bugs me to think that I will be taken away and not know what’s happening to my family members, also I must stop reading comments about doom mongers saying that my loved ones will end up in hell I must put more trust that Jesus will sort the job out haha.


  33. Hi again Michael,

    I’m glad it was some help. I’m gonna be honest with you, I am afraid you might have been taught some lies that many of us were taught. I believe you will find more peace and reassurance if you study this out a little more from the Bible. When Jesus returns every eye will see him (Rev. 1:7, Mark 14:62). So despite the false doctrine of a secret rapture, you will NOT be confused, nor will your family members. It seems God intends to wake up everyone–even those who died centuries ago, so they can see this greatest event in the world’s history. So you can relax and know that no one will be left behind wondering where you went.

    The second lie is that of hell. Hell in the Bible is actually a real place called Gehenna. This was the garbage dump where everyone burned all their trash and that is why it is said the fires burned forever. People have offered lots of money to prove the Bible teaches there is a hell fire that burns forever and it is just not there. What does last forever is God’s love–He says he will love you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). In Song of Solomon 8:6,7, it says that “LOVE… burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.

    Then we read of the everlasting burnings:
    “The sinners among my people shake with fear.
    “Which one of us,” they cry,
    “can live here in the presence of this all-consuming, everlasting fire?”
    I will tell you who can live here:
    All who are honest and fair,
    who reject making profit by fraud,
    who hold back their hands from taking bribes,
    who refuse to listen to those who plot murder,
    who shut their eyes to all enticement to do wrong.
    Such as these shall dwell on high.
    The rocks of the mountains will be their fortress of safety;
    food will be supplied to them,
    and they will have all the water they need.
    Your eyes will see the King in his beauty
    and the highlands of heaven far away.”
    -Isaiah 33:14-17

    So it appears that God’s fire is his love and those who are in harmony with him have nothing to fear from him.
    I think that is the greatest news I have ever heard!

    For a greater understanding and knowledge about what fear does to the human mind watch this series by a Christian psychiatrist about God and your brain. There is also a website with lots of information all for free!

    I pray blessings on you and your family that God will bring all to know him and trust him.

    God is good and even better than we thought! 🙂



  34. Hi again cherylin that video has helped and explained a lot thank you, can I ask you one more question then I will stop bugging you haha, I love to play contact sports like rugby and boxing and love a good party with my friends, but when I played okmore sports I’m thankful to the Lord for blessing me with what he has, will he be with me playing contact sports.

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  35. Hi again Michael Thubron,

    It’s okay, you are not bugging me, I only come online when my hubby is gone or I have the time. 🙂

    So what you want to know is does Jesus approve of you playing sports? Well first of all, I can’t speak for Jesus, nor would I dare tell you or anyone what Jesus approves of in your life because that is a very personal issue. I believe one person might play sports with a pure heart while another is full of revenge and spite, so it would be more about your personal relationship with God.

    I was raised in a family that never did sports and acted as if it was not a good thing and the result is that many of us struggle with our weight. God gave us bodies that are physical and I love that quote from Chariots of Fire:

    “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” -Eric Liddell

    I would suggest that whatever we do whether it’s playing sports, table games or musical competitions, we should do it in the
    Spirit of Jesus to treat others as we wish to be treated and do it all for the glory of God.

    May you always feel God’s pleasure!



  36. Thank you again for your reply cherylin you have put my mind to ease with your help, just one more thing, what is your thoughts on the new earth ?? Do you think we will have the same relationship as we do now with our parents, brothers , partners and children because I love my family with all my heart and thank god for them everyday but I’m just thinking if we can be together on the new earth. 👍

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  37. Hi Michael,

    Since none of us are there yet, there is a lot of speculation, but one thing I keep remembering is that Jesus and the Father are relational. The Godhead created the human family to reflect their love for each other when they made us in their image. In this way, loving fathers and mothers were to represent God to their children when they are young and the relationships were meant to flourish. Because of sin our world and relationships are damaged to some extent in all families, but some worse than others.

    If you can see how this was God’s original plan, then God never meant for parents to abuse their children or mistreat them or hurt them. God intended for us all to live happily together forever. If you realize that sin is really selfishness, then you can see how the human race got off track, but Jesus came to restore our relationships. The word for salvation is sozo and it means healing too. So salvation is not some nebulous and arbitrary thing we can’t quite get our hands on–it means healing and especially the healing of our relationships. The only people who will not be healed are those who cling to selfishness so much they cannot find a way to accept God’s healing in their minds so they can love others as Jesus has modeled and taught us.

    So yes, to answer your question, if your family members follow Jesus in caring for each other and other people and live out lives of love, you will all live together forever! Isn’t that wonderful news?

    I’m saying a prayer for all of your family to know Jesus as He truly is–not as so many have made him to be and for them to with you and God forever!



  38. Is it true that God created some humans for wrath? Just the whole calvin view is really disturbing my view of God just makes me fear maybe I’m one of them considering how many times I’ve backslid and went back to the world and I came back because of the fear of hell and i also fear that ive commited the unforgivable sin and that I’ve willfully sinned so there’s no sacrifice left for me , then I get all these thoughts like why was everything created this way is it all just to glorify God I just don’t understand some things and those thoughts started back when I had a debate with someone who has schooling in philosophy he brought up how if God created everything did he create sin and knew the devil was gunna do what he did , my views are so damaged it feels maybe this is why I can’t feel his love 😢 after all these thoughts I tell my self who am I compared nothing right ,I don’t want to believe in lies ,I also fear what people think of me I’m a shy person I always feel like I have to tell everyone about Jesus which I should right because it’s good news but I don’t even have a solid foundation and then I fear I’ll lose my job for telling customers which I havnt because of course fear , I feel so trapped please pray for me , I was even afraid of reading the Bible of course because of the hell part of it, I’ve been trying to read parts though and pray , everything I’ve listed here I’ve told God and how I don’t feel like I even have a heart I just feel evil ,I’ve been telling myself that I just need to keep praying for an encounter with jesus and not give up until it happens so I’ll know how he truly feels about me , since so many people have seen him all over the world deep down I makes me feel jelous which again is an evil feeling

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  39. Dear Rebecca,

    You asked a lot of questions so I will try to answer at least some of them.

    God’s Wrath
    If people would read Romans 1 through—not with the preconceived ideas taught to them, but praying for the Holy Spirit to interpret the words, they would discover God’s wrath is NOT a violent act, but God simply letting people go. Now before you decide this is a good thing, please be aware that it is not. Think about it, God sustains all life, keeps planets from colliding and keeps the sun shining and keeps your heart beating. God letting you go would mean giving you what you want and if you do not want to have a relationship with God and allow God to heal you so you can safe to live with other nice people for eternity, then God letting you go will mean nothing–as in no existence. at. all.

    God will never force any of us to obey him, but we all get to reap what we sow and if we choose to sow independently from God, we have no way to survive on our own. This doesn’t happen until the end of the world though so for right now we are all getting away with a lot under God’s grace because God is unnaturally sustaining our lives until we each make up our minds about what we want to do for eternity.

    The Unforgivable or Unpardonable Sin
    This unforgivable or unpardonable sin is our own choosing to shut God to the point we can no longer hear his still small voice in our hearts. Once again, it is not God forces us or shutting us pout, but the result of us shutting God out. If you still care what God thinks and want to be saved, then you have not committed that sin. It is actually much harder to commit that sin than some people think because it involves our free choice to shut God out. At the same time, when it happens we might not realize it because we could shut God out so long we no longer care about him. The best way to avoid this happening it to talk and listen to Jesus every day. This is what Jesus meant when he said to dwell in the vine and that he is the vine. He will keep anyone alive who loves him enough to stay connected to him.

    Predestination and Calvinism

    John Calvin believed that God chooses some people to save and God chooses others to not save. This is not in agreement with many Christian scholars. It is considered an opposing view to free-will. If God is love why would he choose to save some and not save others? Is this love? Would a parent give birth to four children and say these two will be my children and these two are cast out?

    Only a narcissistic abusive parent would do this because it is not love. In 1 Corinthians 13 we have a description of love which says love hopes all things. As a matter of fact we could read this whole chapter and substitute the name of God or Jesus and read it through to get a better picture of God:

    “God is patient, God is kind, God does not envy, God does not boast, God is not proud. God does not dishonor others, God is not self-seeking, God is not easily angered, God keeps no record of wrongs. God does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. God always protects, God always trusts, God always hopes, God always perseveres.”

    This doesn’t sound like a God who decides some should be thrown out and others favored does it?

    Most people have sinned willfully, the idea is to stop choosing to sin willfully. If you know something is not in harmony with God’s will, why do it? Why not ask him to help you walk closer with him so you can know him better and trust him. Because we are born sinners, we all need God’s grace. We can never earn our way to heaven or into God’s grace because God has already loved us and granted us help even before we ask for it.

    As for witnessing, you don’t have to tell people what to do, sometimes the best witness is to love other people without preaching to them. This is something all of us can do. If someone asks you about God like you are asking me, and you feel you have an answer then give it. Otherwise don’t be on a guilt trip about not sharing your faith. The first step is to know who God is so you can share authentically from your heart.

    I believe you are correct when you say your picture of God is so damaged you cannot feel God’s love—this is not because you are bad or damaged, but someone has told you lies about God. As soon as you read the Bible and find out the truth for yourself, you will begin to heal and feel much better and eventually, you will know Jesus loves you.

    As for others having miracles where Jesus speaks to them, I would not trust most of those. Many people make us stories and even evil angels have masqueraded to deceive people. Satan even came as an angel to Jesus while he was in the wilderness and tried to deceive him—but of course it didn’t work. It doesn’t have to work on you either.

    Remember Jesus said wicked people ask for a sign. This does not mean you are wicked for wanting a sign, I have prayed for signs before too when I was younger. It just means a sign is not a good enough guarantee. The best way to know Jesus cares about you is to read some out of one of the gospels (Mathew Mark Luke and John) every day. As time goes by, you will start seeing things you never saw before and having joy you never knew before. This has happened to millions of people.

    Reading the Bible
    You don’t have to be afraid of reading the Bible. It is simply a group of books written by people who knew God and wanted to share what God inspired them to write. Sadly, the translations have not always interpreted every word correctly and hell is one of those (more on hell in a moment).

    After people discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Rosetta Stone, it has helped scholars interpret the scriptures even better than say the King James Version of the Bible which was translated in the age of Shakespeare, but the truth is no matter what version of the Bible you read, if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you interpret it, you WILL find truth.

    Back to hell. The word for hell is Gehenna which was a garbage dump that had fires burning day and night because the people took all their junk there. When Jesus referred to hell it was Gehenna. This was a real place at the time of the Bible. It is not something in the future.

    Once the stuff burned it was like the stubble of the field—nothing left but ashes. There is no everlasting hell. People made this up to scare other people. God doesn’t want you to be scared into obeying him. God is like Jesus. He loves you with an everlasting love. The Bible says it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4).

    Feelings are just feelings–they come and go. Sometimes feelings are trying to tell us something. You were not born evil and you are only evil if you choose to not care about God. Sometimes we have sinful thoughts of jealousy or hate but it’s okay to tell Jesus about them because he already knows our hearts and when we talk about them to him, he can help us stop doing evil to other people.

    A book you might enjoy reading is Lies About God, by William Paul Young. I know some Calvinists have given it negative reviews and that’s because it exposes Calvinism’s lies about God. Young has explained how he sees God wanting to save all people, yet we all have a choice to be saved or not.

    As for God creating the devil.

    That alone is proof that God doesn’t force anyone to do what he wants and gives freedom of choice. So yes, for right now, we live in a very messed up world with sickness, evil, hate and death, but this is just the satan’s evil experiment for a short time. Jesus will soon come back and end all the misery and wipe away all tears and all who choose to be with him and love others like he does, will be saved. The rest will simply cease to exist. God loves them—even the devil who was once his cherished angel, but all who choose to harm others cannot live forever in God’s love-centered universe.

    For now, Jesus is whispering in your heart, telling you that you were created for love and he will never leave you or let you go unless you choose to leave him forever.

    I hope this was helpful.

    Peace and freedom to you dear friend!
    Jesus wants to give you both,
    Jesus died to give you both,

    You are precious in God’s sight!


    Here is a link to that book:


  40. Hi cherilyn thank you very much for your help and advice I appreciate it loads, another thing I am pondering on is that Jesus said a lot of things regarding who will inherit the earth as in the gentle and meek does that mean even if there are unbelievers who don’t harm or do evil to people do they inherit the new earth … also I’m confused about when Jesus says “depart from me I never knew you” does that mean people who aren’t kind and loving to each other or to the people who just believe and don’t do any good works

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  41. Hi Michael,
    When we speak of God’s law–whether it is the Ten Commandments, the two great commandments Jesus spoke of the great commandment, they all speak of other-centered love. This means following the golden rule and treating others as we would like to be treated. All of heaven and the universe were designed to operate on the natural law of unselfish love. This is not some mushy or romantic love we speak of when we date or get married, but this love is never selfish.

    When Jesus tells some people to depart from him because he never knew them, he is referring to people who pretended to know him and yet treated others in selfish ways. The heart of the healing of all of us is to stop being selfish which we have all done since we were born to think of others and care about them in unselfish ways. And this means even people we do not know because Jesus says whatever we do to the least of these people, it is like we are doing it to Jesus.

    Unselfish love is the litmus test. No matter what religious beliefs or church membership or creeds, it all boils down to how we treat other people.

    So yes, they will be unbelievers in heaven who do not call Jesus by name here on earth but live out his principles of ohter-centered love and they will live on in the new earth. Remember Jesus says, “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” -John 10:16

    Peace and freedom to you!



  42. Thanks for your reply and all your encouragement cherilyn you have eased my worries because some sites I have been making me anxious the way they make jesus coming like some sort of disaster / horror story , and the only way to be saved is to follow “religious rules ” when Jesus wasn’t like that he was a loving kind patient person but nobody’s fool, cool as ice that’s the way I tell my children he is haha … again thank you you have been a blessing from the good lord himself 👍

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  43. I’ve been so terrified of God. My mom says that I take things too seriously and read too far into them, but how can you not when your eternity is on the line? Timothy 2:9 had me so depressed when I was about 15-16 years old. It’s all about modesty and how women should clothe themselves. I was going to quit cheerleading, stop wearing bathing suits, etc. I went to a therapist and really I’ve just blocked out the idea of Christianity ever since. I’ve believed, but tried to avoid thinking ab it. Now my newest fear is that lukewarm Christians will be “spit from the mouth” of God. Help please.

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  44. I’m worried that Jesus coming will be the end of everything I know. I’ve seen a lot of articles on the internet that talk about how before Jesus comes, there will be terrible sin and death, and pain. And according to the news, it doesn’t seem like their articles and speculations are off at all. They also say that those who follow Him are blinded by man and they will be condemned. I’m worried that if He were to come, and I were to die before seeing Him, I would never get a relationship with Him and I would be condemned to Hell. It just feels like if Jesus were to come, the suffering would be too much to handle, and it scares me like I’ve never been scared before. Everywhere I look, it seems like Jesus coming is made out to be such a bad thing and we should never wish for it to happen. Could you shed some light on this for me please?

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  45. Dear Taylor,
    I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been on vacation.

    For starters, 1 Timothy 2:9 is just one verse out of the whole Bible. Scholars tell us to never take just one verse by itself or it will be out of context.

    As for other places that mention women’s clothes, it might help you is to read the book of Esther who was a beauty queen that saved her people from imminent death. Also the Proverbs 31 wife who is often held up as a model for Christian femininity and wears fine linen and purple. There are many accounts in the Bible of beautiful women and of course the inner spirit and character are valued above all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself and look pretty.

    In the past, there have been people who tell women that they are asking for it when they dress a certain way and a man harms them, while you should be cautious about who you allow access to your body and soul, if someone harms a woman, it is on him, not her. No woman is asking for it. That saying is simply a form of victim blaming and most intelligent educated people would never repeat it these days.

    That said, let’s think for a moment about who created your body. God looked at all of creation and pronounced it good and that included Eve’s form and body too. As a matter of fact, Eve was the crowning act of creation–the most beautiful of all the things God made so there is no reason to be ashamed of your body. Love it, take care of it and honor your Creator.

    It sounds like you blocked out God because of someone placing a narrow point of view on you that didn’t make sense, so you rejected what looked like an arbitrary God who created you to be a person of beauty, and then demanded you hide who you are. I think it is fair to say that was a false picture of God. And when it comes to false views of God there are many, many people who are saying all kinds of things about God that are twisted and untrue. The best way to be safe is to know God for yourself and that comes best through reading the life and teachings of Jesus.

    1 John 4:18 says perfect love casts out fear. This is because Jesus himself is perfect love–to know him is to love and trust him and realize you don’t have to be afraid anymore.

    Jesus says, “The Truth will set you free.” To know the truth about God as manifested through the life of Jesus will set you free.

    When the Bible says God will spit out the lukewarm, it’s referring to people who have no concerns or cares what God thinks. They have no relationship with God either in love or fear. They simply don’t care. But it’s important to remember that the book of Revelation where this verse comes from is a word picture so the images in it or not literal, but a way to get the point across.

    So what does it mean to say God spits out the lukewarm? God is not arbitrary. If you read about Jesus, you will see that he is sad when people don’t care to follow him. He has the water of life for them and it breaks his heart when they refuse to take it. When God sees someone who is lukewarm, he always tries to wake them up and help them find the truth so they can be set free. He does this through many ways, but the most obvious is through loving and taking care of them. It is God’s kindness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4).

    The only way God will spit someone out is to let them go because he always, always honors someone’s choices. If someone does not want to spend eternity with him and live in peace and love and harmony with others, God simply lets them go. He won’t force them.

    If you have love in your heart and you want to live to bless others and honor God, you will never be spit out. A person would have to want to be disconnected from God–not because of lies they heard about him and rejected a false picture of God, but because they willfully want God to leave them alone. If this is someone’s prayer, then God honors it, but if they choose to live with God and their friends in love for eternity, then God will honor that choice too. The bottom line is you get to choose.

    I hope this was helpful,

    Peace and freedom to you!



  46. Hi Josh,

    Jesus coming will be the end of sickness and pain and death, but it will bring about the the most wonderful event in the history of the world. It will be the beginning of having a society where no one is afraid or hurt ever again. From that perspective, we who have lived in our darkness have barely begun to see the light. The Bible makes it clear his coming will be a wonderful event and no one needs to be afraid of it.

    What is scarier is the state of the world leading up to his coming, but as we see more and more evil around us, we can have peace and hope in Jesus. Jesus says he will never leave us or forsake us and he will be with us to the end of the world.

    The reasons some people make it out to be such a scary event is because they feel power when they scare other people. Some Christians get high off of telling all the bad news in the world and then saying, “Oh look, Jesus is coming.” If they really knew Jesus, they would know that no one has to be scared of him coming back because he is not coming back to hurt us, but to save us from all the evil that is happening in the world.

    Unless you are doing evil and harming other people, you can be safe as long as you have a relationship with Jesus. This is not an arbitrary requirement like when you go to the fair and get a stamp on your hand, but it is a deep friendship that is life changing.

    As for hell, you might enjoy doing some research to discover there is no ever burning hell. This has been made up and handed down through the centuries. Yes, God’s everlasting love is always his everlasting fire and He is a consuming fire to sin, but we only need to fear this if we cling to our sins. And if you want to know what sin is, think of it a selfishness.No one who is selfish will be in the new earth or heaven. This is because God wants us to understand how terrible such selfishness is and how miserable it makes us and in turn how much his love wants to heal us.

    You might be interested in the movie Helland Mr. Fudge about a man who was offered money to prove hell was real.

    I hope this was helpful,

    God bless you and may you be filled with peace!



  47. Hello, thank you so much for this article. I stumbled upon your blog and this post after many months of anxiety over this topic. I feel so relieved to read all these comments and know that I am not alone, I have Jesus, and I have wonderful Christians surrounding me. Thank you! I was just wondering, Jesus’ coming is supposed to be celebrated and rejoiced by Christians but why does the Bible describe it in such scary details? (Matthew 24, Thessalonians, Timothy, Revelation). Thanks!

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  48. Hi Jennifer,

    The time right before Jesus comes will be a time of trouble such as never has been seen on the earth because it is the culmination of the world’s history and the entire universe is watching to see how those of us living here will respond to the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

    Here is the truth about God: “For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.”- 2 Corinthians 5:19

    As I understand it, the trouble will come for at least two reasons—unbridled evil as the result of the holy Spirit being withdrawn from the earth and chaos that will help people who otherwise cannot care about God to wake up and see what is happening so they can make a choice to follow Jesus.
    Revelation speaks about the angels holding back the winds of strife before the Holy Spirit of God is withdrawn from the earth. Throughout history, the Holy Spirit has been acting as a buffer to slow down the evil for the sake of God’s people and to hold the door open to allow as many to know and trust God as possible.

    When God’s Spirit is withdrawn, the Spirit will still be in the hearts and minds of Christ’s true followers–meaning those who act and live like Jesus taught us. The Spirit and Jesus will never leave us if we love and follow God. You have probably heard of the parable Jesus told about the virgins and how some had the oil, but others ran out, well the oil is the Holy Spirit.
    As the buffer of the Spirit is withdrawn from the earth it will become a chaotic time, but those who have the Spirit in their hearts will be safe and have their bread and water sure. So our only real fear will be to let go of Jesus and His Spirit because as long as we have them and live like Jesus taught us, we have nothing to fear.

    Unfortunately many people do not yet realize God’s great mercy, grace and love. These people currently have no interest in God, are under grace as Jesus always draws each person to Him in as many ways as he can in order to woo them into a healthy relationship with God, but sometimes it takes scary events to wake people up to make their choices.
    That’s how this very tumultuous era will cause many people who never thought of God to be forced outside of their comfort zones to decide whether they will choose to love God and live out that love or hate and turn against those who do love God. Jesus says family members might even have to choose between each other and him.

    As people make their decisions about whether they will live out God’s love or not, they will either be filled with the Spirit like those of us who love Jesus, or they will become more evil as the Spirit is withdrawn from the earth. Our only safety is in Jesus and his love—but that love is all encompassing and more than able to provide and sustain all who call on his name.

    “For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross. This includes you who were once far away from God. You were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions. Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault.” –Colossians 1:19-22

    Hope this was helpful,

    Peace and freedom to you!

    They are both a gift from God!



  49. Heh, No Words
    I read parts of my past life and even the present here
    I never knew anyone suffered the issue of religious trauma syndrome, second coming, eternal damnation more than..?

    Well now I know that I’m wrong

    Your post is sure to help lots..!
    Keep going..!!

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  50. P:S-
    I sure am still triggered when I hear anythin of Christ,s coming..?
    Causes paranoia and a long line of depression
    I’m a victim of religious trauma syndrome
    And I agree with you on all the effects of conservative organised abusive religion/church/pastor whatsoever

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  51. Hi Noel,

    The antidote is to know what the Bible actually means–not jsut what it says. Whether you are a believer or not, you could benefit from reading a couple great books one is Lies We Believe About God by Paul Young, and What is the Bible by Rob Bell. Both of these guys believe like I do that there is not proof of an everlasting hell tormenting people in the Bible–that is all just misinterpretations.

    And it helps to remember if Jesus told us to love our enemies and do kind things to them, then God would be a hypocrite to torment those who disobey him. God is just not like that. A favorite preacher of mine is Brian Zahnd from Word of Life Church, who says:

    “God is like Jesus.
    God has always been like Jesus.
    There has never been a time when God was not like Jesus.
    We have not always known what God is like—
    But now we do.” -Zahnd

    These are not your regular doing church as usual people. They are not fundys–Fundamental Christians are furious with these men who are setting lots of people free from the lies we have believed about God. Don’t go by what others say. Use your critical thinking and read what they have to say for themselves.

    Zahnd has a book out this month called “Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God: The Scandalous Truth of the Very Good News.”

    You can find order three of these books online at Amazon.

    If you don’t like reading check out the podcasts and videos of their conversations with other people.

    John says perfect love will set us free from fear! Know the perfect love of God has set many of us free and will set you free too!

    I pray you find the peace and freedom of truly knowing you can trust Jesus!



  52. Hi Cherilyn,

    Thanks so much for the response and thank you so much for helping me out into perspective these issues on my mind. Reading through these comments makes me realize God’s love and how we have a friend in Jesus! I was just wondering one other thing, I have a habit of always searching up end time things on the internet out of fear (and some stuff is very sketchy). How do I break this habit? How do I not believe everything I see on the internet when it is written by other Christians as well?


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  53. Hi InfiniteArtDreamer.
    There is nothing wrong with reading what people put on the internet, but so much of it is people’s opinions and ideas. If you really want to be calm and at peace rely on the words of Jesus. Read the gospels and know the way Jesus treats people and then you won’t feel afraid because you will know his true character and not let other people scare you. Remember perfect love casts out our fear. Well Jesus himself is perfect love. This is how I lost my fear.

    Peace and freedom to you,



  54. There is so much going on in my life. I am scared of being rejected by Jesus because of the things I have done or said. About 2 weeks ago my wife and I went to my brothers to have a bond fire and I had to many beers and my brother and I started to have a heated conversation and it didn’t end well. My wife and I went home and I guess I had told my wife how hurt I was by the things my brother had said and all I wanted was to be heard and not judged. Anyways while being drunk I remember in the middle of the night getting up to us the bathroom and got scared because I saw a man standing in the hallway but being so intoxicated he was a blur. He was dressed in a white dirty cloth like you see pictures that Jesus wears. I saw him with long hair to his shoulders and facial hair. At first I was scared but then I said in my head it’s Jesus and just shrugged my shoulders and went back to bed. I woke up the next morning and told my wife what I had seen… I guess I’m still trying to figure out if I really did see jesus and if I did what does that mean?

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  55. Hi Jesse,

    If you read the gospels, you will discover that Jesus was friends with all kinds of people from all walks of life and he was non-judgmental of them whether it was a prostitute like Mary Magdalene, or rip off artists like the tax collector Zacchaeus, or lepers who were thought to be sinners punished by God (Jesus proved this was no true) or demoniacs or even Peter who betrayed Jesus and even Judas who betrayed Jesus and ended up hanging himself. Peter and Judas both betrayed Jesus, the difference between them was that Peter had a friendship with Jesus so he came back while Judas didn’t know Jesus was not out to get him.

    I think Jesus sees you when you are drunk and even sees all your pain. He knows what it feels like to be judged and misunderstood. He was murdered because some people in power hated him for his kindness to people like you and me. You don’t have to be afraid of Jesus. The Bible says God is for us–not against us. Teh great lie from God’s enemy is that God does not care about us but demands this arbitrary allegiance and that is just no true.

    The most famous Bible verse says God so LOVED the world (and that means you and me and all of us) that he gave his only son. Jesus is the Son but he is also God too. Jesus says if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. They are working together to win your heart in love.

    As to what you saw, I would say you might take into account having too much to drink could make you see things, or it could have been a dream, maybe it was Jesus trying to show you that He sees you, sees your heart and he cares about you.

    One times something weird happened to me and I thought I had lost my ability to talk to God and I woke up from a dream with Jesus stretching his arms out saying “If I am lifted up, I will draw everyone to me.”

    That dream filled me with peace and gave me an answer to something I was struggling with. The Bible says Jesus won’t come physically again until his feet touch the ground and every eye sees him. Jesus said in last days people will say he is here or there or in the desert, but to not believe them unless every eye can see him. I think that is wise advice to know because cults sometimes try to say they saw Jesus.

    I think if this was Jesus you saw, it was a dream or vision and Jesus was telling you that he sees your struggles and that he cares for you and you are not alone even if you feel alone.

    I hope this was helpful.

    I’m saying a prayer for you–for Jesus to comfort your heart and supply your needs and help you know him so you realize you never have to be afraid of him.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  56. Hi Gerald,

    It is never too late! Where there is life, there is hope! Jesus forgives all and saves all who call on his name! It doesn’t matter what you have done or not done in the past. God is not arbitrary. The Bible says all who call on the name of Jesus can be saved. Take some time to read the gospels and get to know Jesus. He loves you and has been watching over you even when you were not aware of it.

    Peace and freedom to you friend!



  57. I have always been afraid of Christ’s return ever sunce I watched the Left Behind movies (nit the one with Nicholas Cage). I always get scared when people talk about it and I do not know what to do. I am afriad that I will get left behind, and that I am not ready

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  58. Hi IIsie,

    It might encourage you to know the “Left Behind” movies and books do not follow or agree with the Bible at all. They are full of fear-mongering fiction. I’m sad that so many people have read them and actually have been fooled into thinking these books and movies are real. I think it makes Jesus cry.

    The truth is that when Jesus comes every eye will see him (Rev. 1:9). Jesus even said if someone says Jesus is coming in the desert or some secret place to not believe them (For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so will the coming of the Son of man be (Matthew 24:26-27).

    The best way to be ready is to know Jesus and be a friend of his. When you see other people harming others stand up for them. When you feel tempting to harm others ask Jesus to help you not hurt anyone.

    The path to heaven is to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. If you are in a relationship with Jesus it won’t be hard. Love will motivate you to care for others and walk with God and before you know it, your fear will be replaced with joy in serving and loving others.

    My advice is never take a human’s word whether in a book or movie, but study the gospels and get to know Jesus for yourself. If you don’t like to read, try watching DVDS like the “Gospel of Matthew” that act it our but use word for word from the Bible. It will change your life!

    Peace and freedom to you!



  59. I love the message. I’m scared for him to come back I feel like im goin to hell when he does even though I asked him to save me when I was younger. Why is that?

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  60. Hi Bethany,

    I think it might be because so many Christians have taught about everburning hell and threatened people with it for so long, people actually believe there is such a place and there is not!

    The way out of the fear is to know Jesus! REad the gospels and get to know how Jesus treats all sinners–with everlasting love. The only reason people won’t be in heaven will be if they chose selfishness over love in the end. Even then God lets us choose if we want to be with him and live out the life of love he designed for us or not.

    You can also do a search about hell. There are many people teaching the truth now days so you should not have trouble finding proponents of no hell. Brian Zahnd is a favorite of mine who just wrote a book called “Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God,” I highly recommend it.

    Peace and freedom to you,


    PS Here is a link to that book:


  61. Thanks so much. I love everybody I have no hate only dislike for what people do in this world. My son’s have shown me to always love no matter what. I have also learned patients because of them.

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  62. Hi again,
    Thanks for the reply. I was just having concerns again hearing about recent things on the internet (ex. solar eclipse, hurricanes, the supposed Revelation 12 sign in September). These people are just being crazy right? I know there’s no way of knowing when Jesus comes back but does that mean we can know when the end times are? God told us to look out but does that mean we should read every event in the news as a sign?

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  63. In August the eclipse happened.Last week hurricane Harvey happened. This week hurricane Irma is happening. People are saying that these might be signs of Jesus coming and that bible spoke about it. So now I’m scared every second of the day. I was born into a catholic family. However we are still not super religious. I was never baptized. So I also fear that I will not be allowed into the kingdom of God because I was not baptized. So what I’ve done is started to read the Bible, remove all negative things that I watch or hear, and just try not to commit willful sins, and most of all try to form a healthy relation with Jesus. I am very scared that Jesus is angry with me. I’m very scared of the end times. I feel as if what is the point of living well if we’re just waiting for the coming of Jesus already.

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  64. Hi cherylin hope you are doing well with all the bad stuff that is happening in the news I.e North Korea and rumours of wars and hurricanes and earthquakes all happening together, does that mean the big man is on his way back?? I love and trust jesus with mine and my family’s life but there’s a part of my mind that thinks that it’s all like a story and that it’s all hard to take in… I keep praying for peace in the world and that the good lord will save me and my family and all the people who suffer because of war and suffering.. but like i say it’s hard to take it all in… I’m sorry for bothering you look forward to hearing from you god bless.

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  65. Hi Jennifer,
    Lots of things are happening in our world. And according to the Bible things will keep happening and life will continue until the day Jesus returns. We don’t have to be afraid of Jesus and we don’t have to be afraid when we see terrible events happening because we know Jesus loves us and if we call on him, he will guide us and take care of us. While it is true not every prayer is answered as we life–for instance sometimes our friends die, what we do know is that we can be assured that Jesus will reunite us with them someday.

    Jesus said, “In this world you will have sorrow but I will come again and take you to be with me.”

    Many people are scared because they fear they will be rejected by Jesus when he comes, but the truth is the other way around. Many people will reject Jesus long before he comes and their choice to not be with him will be only reaping what they choose and have sown.

    There is no way to know when Jesus comes, Jesus said even the angels in heaven don’t know. We are supposed to look out so we don’t waste our lives no being ready. To be ready is to live in harmony with God’s love.

    It could still be a lifetime before he comes although many things look grim for this world if he does not come soon. The secret to peace is to know Jesus and have a relationship with him. Instead of worrying about signs, it is much smarter to simply be in tune with Jesus by reading about him in the gospels and praying to him. These things if done every day will bring peace.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  66. Hi Ibelin,

    To be baptized is a public statement that you wish to follow Jesus. God won’t keep you out for not being baptized if you were to die suddenly and not be baptized, God will go by your heart, do you love him? At the same time to be baptized is a beautiful thing and will bring a special blessing of the Holy Spirit to your life. As a matter of fact it is the Spirit of Jesus that tells you to be baptized–not to avoid not being saved, but to give your heart wholly to Jesus and pledge to follow him!

    Jesus is not angry with people who are scared and want to follow him. God’s anger is not selfish like human anger. Teh best example of Jesus being angry was when he cleaned the temple. He didn’t hurt anyone. He ran the animals out and the people who were charging high prices to poor people who simply wanted to know God. His anger was due to some people blocking others from knowing God.

    If you are living in harmony with Jesus and what Jesus taught, you don’t have to be afraid of Jesus coming. At the same time since we don’t know when he is coming it’s important to still live our lives and go to college or start a family and be part of a church that shares God’s love with other people. This is the best way to wait for him to come to live the life he gave you in the most honest and loving way possible.

    Peace and freedom to you!



  67. Hi Michael Thubron,

    You never bother me. I had a birthday and was on break for a few days–so sorry it took so long to answer.

    Like you and others, I am sad when I see bad things happen, but I know it makes Jesus even more sad to see wars and famines and hurricanes and earthquakes. These things do not come from God–they come from the destroyer who is God’s enemy and the Bible says the satan knows he only has a short time to do all the damage he can before Jesus comes back (Rev. 12:12). The Bible also says that a thousand years is like one day to God (2 Peter 3:8) so short time could be relative to the eternal view.

    As long as you live in harmony with God, by living an honest and loving life and as long as you share this with your family to be the compassionate people that Jesus calls all of us to be, none of you will need to worry about Jesus coming. We have greater fears of the miseries in this world and part of our own salvation is to reach out and love those who are hurting because it blesses us too.

    Here is a new book by a friend of mine. I think you might enjoy it. He is a Christian psychiatrist who has also written a book about the brain and how what we believe about God affects our minds. I highly recommend the God shaped Heart and the God Shaped Brain. I believe it will set your mind at peace!



  68. Hi cherilyn ive been struggling with thinking about how much I love my family and am concerned that when the time comes that They won’t be my family on the new earth , I know that it’s all about jesus and loving him but I’d love to have the same parents, children , wife , brothers, uncles aunts etc, because I don’t think that would be heaven without them … do you see where I’m coming from… again thank you for any reply.

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  69. Hi Michael,

    Well for one thing there is no bait and switch. If there is anything I can tell you about Jesus and God the Father, it is they are in relationship and designed all of us humans in their image and we are meant to have eternal relationships too. I too, want all of my family in heaven with me. The only reason anyone would be missing is if they refused God’s lifestyle of loving others. The best thing you can do is be an example of following Jesus and living out his law of love by how you treat other people whether your family or strangers. There is a saying, “Healing Spreads” that means others will catch on. Relax because Jesus knows what each of them need to come to his loving lifestyle and while he might be able to use you as an example, he also can reach them in ways you don’t know about.

    Love wherever you can and pray for them. God sees and God hears your prayers!

    May God reveal hope and joy to you and give you peace!



  70. This really helped me. Im 15 but im turning 16 and i keep hearing about jesus coming back and it keeps scaring me because others make it seem like if i dont do every little thing right i will teceive punishment and that really scared me. Others also talk about “preparing” for Jesus’s return. How do i prepare for it?


  71. Hi Mia,

    The best way to prepare for Jesus to come is to know him today and live in relationship with him every day. That means read the gospels and know him and then live as he taught us to live. Remember you don’t have to be perfect, but live up to what you know and let God’s grace take care of the rest. He who began a good work in you will complete it. Phil. 1:6

    Blessings on you!



  72. I always had the fear, when the first time I read this writings, I cried a lot, because I forgot how good Jesus is, that He is a friend to all of us. At this very moment, I read this blog again and got the comfort of his word. Thanks to this. I got reminded again that fear is a liar. Jesus, I love you.

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  73. Hii what I’m worried about is tHat I try being a cristian but my sins last for a long period of time I’m a bit paranoid that I’ll keep on sinning when Jesus come back and I won’t go to heaven even tho I am a Christian

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  74. Hi Eryn,
    It might help to know the root of sin is a broken relationship with God. This bigger sin leads to many little sins, but when we know Jesus and allow him to show us how to live, we won’t lie or kill or steal or harm other people. This is what it means to live in harmony with God and as long as you live in harmony with God, you can be assured that Jesus will keep you safe for heaven. The secret is to live every day in relationship with Jesus.

    Peace and freedom to you!



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